A Collection of Awesome Sal and Richard’s Prank Calls

    January 20, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Unless you’re a complete pretty boy or girl who has zero sense of humor, you have to love a good prank phone call.  I’ve made my share of prank calls my day and even have a Jerky Boyish tape lying around there somewhere.

    However,  despite my own experiene, I have and never will have anything on Sal and Richard from The Howard Stern Show.  It’s rare you come across anything other than Jerky Boy when it comes to prank calls but these guys kick ass.

    They will sometimes even pretend they are running a radio show, and yes, sometimes the calls may be a bit cruel.  Some of the content may not be appropriate for work (things that are funny usually aren’t), so listen at your own risk…..

    Chinese Confusion

    I’m definitely confused.

    Using Sounds from Will the Farter

    Childish but great.

    Monster Truck Pizza

    Who doesn’t love monster truck pizza?

    Prank Call to Steve Langford


    Hugs for Harlem

    Wow.  Ballsy.

    Rainforest Relief

    Even ballsier.

    Harvey Science Show

    This is definitely my kind of science show.

    Dorothy Cornhole

    Watch your cornhole bud.

    Messing with Eric the Midget

    It’s mean but it’s funny.

    1. Site says:

      Haha! nice stuff. When i was younger we did such stuff too) There are good and bad memories. One time one man catched us on this))

    2. Byron says:

      I need a good laugh tbh

    3. TheReviewer says:

      These guys are better than the Jerky Boys

    4. Billyb says:

      Amazed someone thought of these guys. Well done!

    5. Rex says:

      The Chinese call is AMAZING!

    6. The Eggman says:

      They honestly never get old

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