Kevin Smith Says Bruce Willis Was A Sheer Delight To Direct (Just Kidding)

    January 20, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Imagine the shock of finding out that Bruce Willis is kind of a jerk. Get out! I mean he looks so approachable and lovable. A sheer delight to be around. It was really hard typing that out without chuckling because Willis looks like he’d be a massive penishead to work with on a movie.

    Yup. He is.

    SMITH: “Yeah, of course.  There was nothing about that poster that screamed, “holy sh_t, this is gonna be original.”  But to be fair, nothing about it was.  The whole movie is an homage picture.  We just wanted to make an 80s cop movie. It had to look like something you had seen before.  At least, that’s what I hoped they were thinking.  Look, I know the real story.  One guy wouldn’t even sit for a f__kin’ poster shoot.”

    MARON: “You don’t want to mention names all of a sudden?”

    SMITH: “Everyone knows who it is.  Put it this way, remember the really funny guy in the movie?  It ain’t him.  He’s a f__king dream.  Tracy Morgan, I would lay down in traffic for.  Were it not for Tracy, I might’ve killed myself or someone else in the making of that movie.”

    Also confirms what everyone probably thinks of Tracy Morgan. It must be awful as a director or writer to get such a major star on board for a project just to have him/her make every day miserable until the job is done.

    Smith also gives some advice about meeting heroes. Long story short, don’t.

    MARON: “The sad part is, as a kid who grew up in New Jersey who loved Bruce Willis, and you get this big opportunity, and you get disappointed by your hero.  And that’s probably something that you’re going to have to deal with again.”

    SMITH: “No, but he changed everything for me though.  Because now I’ll never meet anybody.  That was it.  I’d rather like people from a distance.”

    So true and so sad. Especially because being a Jersey guy and a fan, I’d love to meet Smith one day. Probably best I don’t. (Tear)

    Kevin Smith on Bruce Willis: ‘I had no help from this dude whatsoever’ – [Film Drunk]

    1. cdrz says:

      Why is this somehow news? Smith has been saying this since filming for Cop Out a while back.

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