Ricky Gervais Addresses Internet Rumors The Same Way He Did Golden Globes…With Hilarity

    January 19, 2011 at 8:00 am

    It took a couple exposures before I was turned on to the comedy of Ricky Gervais. It wasn’t even the original version of The Office that did it. It was his series Extras for HBO. Caught a mini-marathon one night and I was hooked. It was at that moment I realized Gervais might be one of the funniest people working today.

    His Golden Globe hosting job the other night cemented that fact. You know, the hosting job that, had “all of Hollywood angry” and got Ricky “fired” from future hosting chances. Ricky would like everyone to know that’s all rubbish, which I think is in American would translate to bullsh*t.

    All the same conspiracy theories as last year too… “So and so was offended”… “hasn’t been invited back yet”… exactly the same as last time. “Paul McCartney was furious”… no he wasn’t. And nor was Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. I was drinking with them after.

    Why do people have to embellish? They’re allowed to say they hated it. They’re allowed to say they didn’t find it funny, that it was tasteless, over the top, or whatever. But why do they speculate and make stuff up?

    Don’t worry, I know the answer. Because it’s more interesting than “it went fine and some people won some awards and then went to a party”. But that’s all that happened.

    I watched the show. Aside from Gervais it was pretty much a three-hour circle jerk, much like every other awards show on the planet. Gervais was the only reason to keep watching (that and the wife hid the remote.) 
Since everyone loves rumors, Gervais leaves us with one of his own.

    Actually, I see what they mean. Boring. So here’s what really happened. Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone started a fight with me but Alec Baldwin and Mark Walberg stepped in and helped me out. That’s what happened.

    Now there is something to talk about! I’ll take Team Baldwin and Marky Mark in a street fight. Thoughts?

    [Via Rickygervais.com]

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