7 Amazing Sound Effects From Star Wars

    January 18, 2011 at 6:00 am

    I don’t think I need to go into how awesome the whole Star Wars franchise is.  Obviously that’s a given.  With the exception of Jar Jar Binks most of the franchise is virtually flawless.   And to get into all the things we love about the movies would probably take up a good portion of this entire website.

    But the one thing we’d like to focus on today are the awesome sound effects the movie has.  I’ve selected seven that I’m sure you’ll all agree with….

    The Fighter Noise

    You know that awesome sound of all the ships?  Here’s where it came from.  A 1960’s retarded fight scene amongst dinosaurs in The Lost World.

    The Jawas

    In case you didn’t know, the Jawa word “utini” is actually French for “I done captured that robot, let’s have a party.”  I must admit I like do like the Dinks from Spaceballs too.

    The Pod Racer Sound

    Even though this is by far the worst Star Wars movie (because of Jar Jar Binks) you have to admit these sound are pretty badass.


    If we ever get to a point where guns are outdated watch out if we get blasters.  I’m pretty sure I’d fire one at least 20 times a day just to hear that sound.


    It’s amazing how much making Chewbacca noises can cheer a person up. Chewbacca noises are also the perfect way to end any relationship argument.

    The Darth Vader Breath

    It is undoubtedly the most intimidating sound effect in movie history. It’s also an ideal means of nerd foreplay once the lights are turned off.

    The Lightsaber

    The lightsaber sound effect will stop any man in his tracks no matter what he is doing.  The medical community really should consider using it as a means to wake up male coma victims.  I wish my penis made this sound during sex.

    1. David says:

      That is great ..Thanks David

    2. Dave says:

      I’m surprised you didnt add the Wilhelm Scream into this list.

    3. Baz says:

      “virtually flawless” Really? Like, for reals, really?

    4. Mark says:

      Best sound effect: James Earl Jones’ voice.

    5. Kevin says:

      Turn on the surround sound on the pod race scene it is just so epic.

    6. That Dude says:

      No one can touch Chewy!!

    7. Rex says:

      Chewbacca is number one

    8. Billyb says:

      I’m still amazed at the origin of the star fighters.

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