AM Hot Links – Mr. T Impersonators, Drunk Tourists and Pantless Men

    January 18, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read 25 funny Mr. T impersonators.

    It’s amazing how some pop culture references can stand the test of time. Mr. T was at the height of his popularity almost thirty years ago yet people today still dress like him, make reference to him and poke fun at him all these years later. It makes a person wonder which pop culture icons of today will still have an impact thirty years from now? Wow, I just got way to deep in thought. Need something to clear the head. Poopy. There, much better.

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    The Links

    5 Ways Science Could Make Us Immortal – [Cracked]
    Naked, Drunk Florida Keys Tourist Gets Tasered 3 Times – [Bro Bible]
    This Kid Has A Future In Dancing – [Double Viking]
    Joan Rivers — Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid and a Threat’ – [TMZ]
    Pantless Man Allegedly Asks Drive-Thru Worker to Hold His ‘Whopper’ – [AOL News]
    Lacrosse Halftime Show Includes Lap Dances – [Guyism]
    Seasonal Beers for College – [College Humor]
    Fast Holsters Let You Have Guns In Every Room – [TruTV]
    Is This Hot or Not: Witch Doctor Nicki Minaj – [The Smoking Jacket]
    Ricky Gervais’ Opening Monologue At The Golden Globes Skewers Hollywood – [The Frisky]
    25 Things That Look Like Dildos – [Holy Taco]
    Kate Beckinsale in a Bikini, Also Blonde – [The Superficial]
    Out & About With Golden Globe Party Girl Hayden Panettiere – [DJ Mick]
    How Not To Shovel Snow – [Super Booyah]
    Megan Fox Gets Her Own Golden Globes Post – [Popoholic]
    Wonder How Britney Spears Comeback Tour Conditioning Program Is Going – [Egotastic]
    Today’s Girl: Jennifer Ferrin – [Maxim]
    Mila Kunis Gives Me Sexy Looks – [Hollywood Tuna]
    What the What Now? – [Warming Glow]
    Scarlett Johansson Upskirt Pic – [Celeb Jihad]

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