Where They At? Josh Saviano

    January 17, 2011 at 11:00 am

    To keep track of all the people who have arrived on the Hollywood scene with a massive explosion, only to seemingly disappear, EgoTV presents “Where they At?”, a status update of what those people are doing now.

    Today’s Subject: Josh Saviano

    Where you know him from: Saviano’s first television appearance was a one-liner role in a commercial for Aim toothpaste. After that, he was cast as Paul Joshua Pfeiffer, best friend of Kevin Arnold on the hit show “The Wonder Years.” Aside from this break-out role, Saviano really didn’t do much other work, just brief roles in movies like The Wrong Guys, Camp Cucamonga and on TV shows like Reading Rainbow and Fun House. Saviano quit acting soon after the completion of The Wonder Years in 1993 and went to college.

    Where is he now? Saviano is doing just fine these days.  Saviano majored in Political Science at Yale University. In 2000, he worked for an Internet firm before entering Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He was admitted to the bar in New York and is currently an associate with Morrison Cohen LLP in the Corporate Department and Intellectual Property Group. Also, he is not Marilyn Manson, despite all the rumors you may have heard.

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