8 Funny Moments From “Funny Or Die Presents” On HBO

    January 14, 2011 at 9:00 am

    It’s Friday night. Your choices for entertainment are a) arranging your DVD collection from sexiest to unsexiest leading man b) finally killing that duck c) sleeping d) Sudoku sponge bath or e)drinking until you and the duck finally see eye to eye on a couple issues. All pretty typical. Let’s throw one more possibility into the mix…

    The new season of Funny Or Die Presents starts tonight on HBO! This season promises to be just as outlandish, hysterical and most importantly…offensive to the Amish. Before the celebration begins for a season anew, let’s go back and remember all the tinkle your pants worthy moments from the first season. It’s a good cure for the Friday doldrums. Even only you understood the word doldrums. No it’s not a percussion instrument.

    Here are eight great moments from the first season of Funny Or Die Presents…

    For more teaser trailers, check this out.

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