There She Is…Miss America. Minus The Hair.

    January 12, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Kayla Martell is ready to compete for Miss America this weekend. She’s got her speech ready, her routine for the talent portion is flawless and she has packed her swimsuit and heels. All she is missing is her hair.

    Despite being told by organisers she doesn’t have to don a wig for the Las Vegas event, Kayla, who suffers from alopecia areata, has opted to wear one ‘to appear more approachable.’

    The beauty queen competed for the Miss Delaware title without her wig three times before she was told she might be more successful sporting fake locks before going on to win her fourth attempt.

    What do you think I mean bald? Bald. Bald bald. She’s bald? SHE’S BALD! Sorry, I’ve got Seinfeld quote disease even after all these years. If it fits, I work it in, no shame.

    Anyway, good for her, but does hair really make you more approachable? She is pretty hot and has that Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta look going for her. I think she just got all out and go wigless. Isn’t this whole pageant business always claiming “inner and outer beauty?” Nothing more beautiful than a woman saying “eh, screw it, I look good bald” and winning the Miss America title. Also, I’m huge on superstitious routines in any competition. She won three times with the dome showing, don’t mess with success.

    You were expecting crude jokes about this girl weren’t you fine reader? You just don’t know me do you? For shame.

    Bald and beautiful: Beauty queen suffering from alopecia could be first Miss America with no hair – [Daily Mail]

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