I’m Pretty Sure if You Like These Popular Shows I Wouldn’t Like You

    January 11, 2011 at 6:00 am

    There are some things I simply don’t understand about America.  One of these things is clearly their choice in television programs.  Hell I understand the need to watch fights on Jerry Springer.  I mean you know the show sucks but at least it’s entertaining.   Same goes for Jersey Shore.  I don’t blame people for liking this stuff.

    But there are some shows that have actually received awards that simply blow me away.  I mean I really can’t deal with it.  I’ve selected five shows that I’m pretty sure if you tell me in passing conversation that these are “some of your favorites” then there’s a very good chance I wouldn’t like you as a person….

    Big Bang Theory

    Why?  Why?  Why?  OK so that really scary guy Jim Parsons won an Emmy?  Is that some sort of a joke?  Yeah I get the need for geeky comedy but this show has zero comedy whatsoever.  This Parsons dude just says stupid stuff the entire time and honest I don’t think I even know what this show is about.  Geeky comedy is stuff like Freaks and Geeks, NOT Big Bang Theory.

    Cougar Town

    I’m not even joking that after I watch Modern Family I rush as fast as I can to change the channel in fear I will catch even just half a second of the intro.  Holy shit has there been a worse show on television?  Courtney Cox is getting old.  The other chicks are disgusting and what the hell kind of use of music do they use?  Is there a studio audience?  No.  It’s almost like Desperate Housewives took a dump and this is what came out.

    Two and a Half Men

    Honestly I don’t even want to get started here.   I really don’t.   $2MM per episode?  Really?  And that little Angus dude is making like $350K an episode.  Talk about dumb luck.  This show has zero humor.  ZERO.   Why because Charlie Sheen is a bad boy in real life his stupid antics work on the show?  It’s NOT funny!  Please someone agree with me here.

    Grey’s Anatomy

    This show is still on television? Come on people.  It’s not ER.

    Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    I’m 99% sure anyone who actually likes watching Jay Leno has to be over 65 and can barely hear the television.

    1. Wigs says:

      You nailed it! Anyone who likes those shows has little to no taste and is a very large tool. As far as people saying that there are worse shows like jersey shore or Jerry springer you are right, however these shows are either not on prime time or a major network and for a reason. Besides at least hipsters can watch these shows ironically…..

    2. Jacquie says:

      I thought you were a pretty cool person up until the Tonight Show with Jay Leno though I was expecting it with him being the first picture to begin this article. I’m 18 and I love watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and no I do not have hearing problems

    3. Poopnose says:

      Yeah these shows are pretty overrated, the only one i actually don’t mind is Jay leno, but still i don’t really watch it. Freaks and geeks is great though, glad it got mentioned as a good show in this article

    4. Liam says:

      haha you are a joke sir

      You have no problem with jersey shore and jerry?

      Because of people like you, Americans get bad name, douchebag

    5. Hi says:

      So you don’t like Big Bang, But it’s ok to watch Jerry and Jersey Shore? Ridiculous. How’s that for criticism.

    6. I used to watch leno’s show and frankly don’t have much of a problem with him. The other shows on this list I truly hate.

    7. Mik says:

      I know how you feel brocklander. Especially for 2 1/2 Men, how is that show funny if they’ve been doing the same premise since its inception?

    8. Jim says:

      So… you don’t like me because I watch Big Bang Theory. Yeah that makes sense. You watch Modern Family and criticize ME for watching Big Bang. You have issues.

    9. Allie says:

      You sir, sound like a major douche. If you don’t like somebody because of what they watch on TV then that makes you ignorant.

    10. Ian says:

      Haters gotta hate. that is all

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