6 Celebs That Need To Stop Working Out So Much

    January 10, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Every celebrity should be in shape. There are no excuses. It’s part of the business. They make enough money that they can afford at least a gym membership and dietitian.

    Some celebs take it a little too far. They workout a little too much and a little longer than they really should.

    Here are 6 celebs that need to stop working out so much.


    It’s amazing that the older the Material Girl gets, the worst she looks, except it’s not age that’s the culprit. It’s the fact she is a little too damn ripped. She is also a little underweight, which doesn’t help a woman look any younger, because her face look so damn gaunt. It’s fine for her to be in shape but a couple extra pounds would make her look a little younger.

    Kelly Ripa

    This is hard to write, because I personally really like Ripa, because she is adorable, funny and seems like a real down to Earth person. It’s just that her body is way, way too thin. It’s no surprise, because she seems like a workout fiend, but it actually takes away from her hotness because she looks like she needs a sandwich or she’ll never make it to see tomorrow.

    Carrot Top

    Wow. Let’s calm down dude. You’re a comedian not a fitness competitor. Maybe you want to be a fitness competitor, but still, the look is a little too outlandish. Unless it suppose to be a joke. Maybe it’s your own version of a prop gag.

    LL Cool J

    Another guy I honestly do like but I think I’m a little put off by his age and his physique. It could be jealousy. The dude is 42. No man that age should look that jacked because it’s just making the rest of us look bad. Ladies might love Cool James but men are getting just a little pissed off at him for having better abs than most men half his age.

    Richard Simmons

    Does it amaze anyone else that Simmons has made a career and probably millions of dollars off of his workout/eating programs yet the guy has never really been in good shape? Has anyone ever worked out to “look like Richard Simmons?” Seems like a long time with really few results. Simmons should just retire with his money and maybe just be a motivational speaker or work at a Hallmark.

    Jack LaLanne

    You’re 96-years-old! Enough!

    1. Frank says:

      Jack’s dead. – He’s resting now.

    2. That Dude says:

      Kelly Ripa has the nastiest bellybutton!

    3. The Eggman says:

      Richard Simmons is a god

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