Eight of the Most Addictive Video Games Ever

    January 7, 2011 at 6:00 am

    I’m somewhat of an old school guy when it comes to video games.  I can’t say that I’m completely into all the latest consoles and technology today.  Granted I’m sure there are addictive games right now.  But for the purposes of this article I’d like to focus on some of the games that got me riled up in from the ages of 10-22 or so.

    For the record I’m 31 years old and haven’t played a video game in a long long time.  However I will admit that I miss them dearly.


    Anyone who is anyone should have been addicted to Tetris at some point or another.  Personally I found it to be most addicting on Gameboy but it’s still crazy on any system.  My high was 322 lines.  What was yours?

    Super Mario Kart

    This was a college fight starter.  And by that I mean we literally used to get into fist fights over this game.   If I were to take a guess at what the most competitive video game is of all time I’d say it’s Mario Kart.   I used to love using Wario.   His accent was uncanny.

    Grand Theft Auto

    Remember when this game came out?  I’ll never forget being in college and one of my buddies goes “hey man there’s this game where you can shoot cops!”    The rest is history.

    Guitar Hero

    This is the one game that came out a little past my prime.  And to be honest with you I’ve only played it a few times.  The only reason for this is because I don’t own a Wii.  And thank God for that.  I think I’d be playing it hours on end.

    Mortal Kombat II

    I’ve got one word for you:  Fatality.   This was the ultimate in post victory moves if there ever was one.  I don’t know which was more addictive.  This game in the arcades or on my own console.

    Street Fighter II

    You know a video game is addictive when you go out and by a special controller just to mimic the arcade game controllers.   I mean I used practice on the Super NES just so I’d be better in the arcades.  If that’s not obsessive I don’t know what is.

    Legend of Zelda

    OK I already have the song in my head.

    NBA Jam

    “He’s heating up!”

    1. If you miss video games why not play them? no need to deprive yourself of stress reduction and an overall good time.

    2. That Dude says:

      Grad Theft Auto is crack! Addicting as all hell.

    3. KendraLee says:

      I would stay up until 6 am playing guitar hero when it first came out … My life was over … Failed college from it

    4. The Eggman says:

      I like Tetris so much I bought the old version for the Wii

    5. brocklanders says:

      I must admit this is an incredible list if I do say so myself.

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