Like My New Glasses?

    January 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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    I’ve been meaning to buy new glasses for a couple months. I need my wife to come along as a second opinion. Second opinions are huge when buying glasses. You can’t listen to the sales person, in the end, it’s just about making a sale. You also cant’ listen to just yourself because if you buy an ugly shirt you just throw it in the closet and forget it but if you spend all that money on glasses and you look ridiculous you’ve got to live with it.

    How important are second opinions? So important that even after a person buys glasses, they take to the internet to ask friends, family and possible strangers “How do you like my new glasses?” Polling that many people might be a bad idea but at least it gets an answer.

    Here is a gallery of people sporting new glasses. I know because these pictures were all labeled “new glasses.” Give your opinion but be nice.

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