PM Hot Links – Big Decisions, Internet Memes and Girls In Glasses

    January 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Click the photo to read the 7 big life decisions that sound awesome (until you actually do them).

    It seems like every major life decision comes in a span of about five years. You’ve got nothing major happening and then WHAM! Job, marriage, kids, money and every other thing that keeps you awake at night needs an answer. It’s no wonder people can’t sleep. That’s why I’m all for drugging ourselves to sleep. It’s the only time we don’t have to make a decision. Unless you’re counting dreams. Then it’s “do I walk over this river with my donut shoes or go with that kid I haven’t seen since the fourth grade to see the new Ernest movie?” Ugh! Another huge decision.

    A good decision would be to join the EgoTV Facebook page.

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