‘The Hoff’ Hustles Ice Cream In Baywatch Bathing Suit

    January 4, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Don’t hassle the Hoff. He is on the beach. Eating ice cream. Suppose that’s better than burgers on the kitchen floor.

    The hair may be a little greyer, and the face a little bit more wrinkled, but it almost looked like David Hasselhoff was back on hit TV series Baywatch this afternoon.

    But fans may be disappointed to learn that the 58-year-old actor was merely making an appearance on Bondi Beach, Sydney, to promote a new range of ice lollies.

    Are those two women next to him considered “lollies?” If so I’d like to (CONTENT DELETED DUE TO EXPLICIT NATURE AND MAKING REALLY AMATEUR LOLLIPOP/ORAL SEX JOKE)

    And he certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention. When asked what he best liked about Australia, he replied: ‘The two things that are walking next to me,’ referring to the swimsuit-clad models by his side.

    He didn’t realize there was nothing next to him, it was all a drunk illusion. After the shoot, he jumped into Knight Rider gear and hit the streets promoting “The Knight Hider” a new air freshener that masks the smell of booze when drunk driving.

    Is David Hasselhoff back on Baywatch? No, he’s just promoting ice lollies on Bondi Beach – [Daily Mail]

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