Five Awesome John Woo Fight Scenes

    January 3, 2011 at 6:00 am

    A colleague of mine on another site we happen to love once wrong a post called  “The 10 Best Movies Gunfights of All Time” and that kind of spurred the inner fighter in me to look for the videos you are about to see.   The funny thing about this article is that “fight” and “John Woo” weren’t even a part of this article which is very hard to believe.

    Well, I happened to have just watched The Killer for the first time today, and I realize that not including John Woo and fight is a major mistake.   As an apology to Mr. Woo,  this is an entire post dedicated to his awesomely orchestrated fight scenes. Most of them are gun related, a few of them are fisticuffs, and all of them are incredibly badass……

    Blackjack (1998)

    Let’s face it guys, we’re talking Dolph Lundgren here.  Need I say more?

    Hard Target (1993)

    In the same token as me shining Mr. Lundgren equal amounts of respect must go out to Mr. Van Damme.

    The Killer (1989)

    Nothing’s better in this scene than the subtitles…. “Runt, I own you.”

    Mission Impossible II (2000)

    As much as I like the hot chicks in this movie, nothing trumps the action sequences.

    Red Cliff (2008)

    Man this is no joke.

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