6 Celebrities That Need Way More Jail Time

    December 30, 2010 at 6:00 am

    There are some people in this world that are bad to the core.   So bad that no matter what they do bad actions will be repeated in some way or another.  It’s almost as if it’s not their fault.  It’s simply who these people are.

    They may try to change but ultimately they’ll revert to the same old destructive behavior time and time again.  Perhaps the only thing that might shake them up is longer jail time?

    Here are six celebrities that fit that bill……..

    Lindsay Lohan

    Let’s face it guys.  Lindsay Lohan is never going to get the message by being in and out of rehab and going to jail for weeks at a time.  All the therapy in the world couldn’t help this chick.   I really think she needs a 36 month stay at a reasonable hardcore prison.  That would certainly shake her into shape.

    Paris Hilton

    There are people in this world that have gone to jail for life for things that are way less harsh than things Paris Hilton has done.  And these are just the things she’s been CAUGHT doing.  Think about how bad a person she is.  Seriously.  Stop for a moment and think about it.  It’s quite scary.  I’d still hit it though.

    Colin Ferrell

    Now I have to say that Ferrell seems to have been off the radar in terms of his extracurricular activities.   It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen this guy in the headlines for his abusive alcoholic and drug induced escapades.  Still though, when this dude was in his prime it’s amazing he didn’t get a 5-10 year stretch for some of the crap he pulled.    I mean we’re talking assault, possession, you name it.

    Spencer Pratt

    Well he just needs to be put away forever.  Now I’m sure he brags to all his “friends” that he spent time in a Costa Rica prison.  Which by the way I’m convinced was simply because he was a douchebag.   This is just a guy that needs to be put on his own island somewhere.

    Kanye West

    Kanye’s been to jail but certainly not for long enough.  I’m speculating here but if I were a betting man I’d say Kanye’s definitely committed crimes that are worthy of 10+ year prison sentences.   And I’ll bet many of them are espionage type stuff.  Financial crimes as well.

    Charlie Sheen

    How he’s not in jail at this very moment is a mystery to me.

    *other notables include James Caan, Kiefer Sutherland, and I’m sure many others. Feel free to chime in!

    1. krypto09128 says:

      How about Kate Moss?
      Then there’s Britney Spears…
      Kate for possessing and using the drugs she got fired from Burberry and Britney Spears for most of her day to day behaviour from a number of years back…

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