Fad-Tastic! Mood Rings

    December 29, 2010 at 11:00 am

    There is a reason they are called fads. It’s because they disappeared just as quickly as they blew up in popularity.

    Today’s Subject: Mood Rings

    A mood ring is a ring which contains a thermochromic element, such as liquid crystal, and the ring changes color in response to the body temperature of its wearer. The color is said, by some proponents, to indicate the emotional state of the wearer. While the technical discovery of the mood ring was made by Marvin Wernick, credit is most often given to Joshua Reynolds for what became one of the biggest fads of the 1970s.

    Here are some things you might not have known about mood rings…

    “It was invented in 1975 by Marvin Wernick when he accompanied a physician to a nearby emergency. When the physician pulled out a strip of thermotropic material to gauge the child’s temperature by applying the strip directly to her forehead.” Thank god they didn’t try to use it rectally.

    “Wernick encapsulated ovals of the material within clear glass cameos and glass domes set in brushed gold and silver ring settings. His signature “hang-tag” contained claims for the ring’s properties.” I’d make a joke about my hang tag but this is a PG website.

    “The ring is typically ornamented with a faux gemstone (usually made of quartz or glass) which is either a clear capsule filled with thermochromic liquid crystal, or has a thin sheet of liquid crystal sealed underneath.” And women still accepted them as gifts. They were easy and cheap back then. The women I mean.

    “The theory behind the idea that the ring indicates the wearers’ mood is based on a claim that body heat fluctuates with the emotional state of the wearer.” For example, if you were wearing one right now your emotion would be “boredom.”

    “Reynolds, a New Yorker who was 33 at the peak of the fad, earned a degree in psychology from Colgate in the mid-60s and went on to invent the ThighMaster.” Good lord that dude must be loaded.

    “Golden Yellow: Tense.
    Blue: You are happy.
    Purple: Moody.
    Black: Down.
    Reddish brown:
    Clear: Fraud. Your mood ring is a fake.
    Green: Easily amused.”

    Which ones made you horny? Or was that M&M’s?

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