Would You Rather? With Author Charlotte Hilton Andersen

    December 28, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Perfect for the week after stuffing our faces, Charlotte Hilton Andersen joins us for Would You Rather? Charlotte runs the Great Fitness Experiment, a daily blog where she tests the latest diet and exercise reports, routines and fads on a human guinea pig; herself. Charlotte’s new book The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything is available on Amazon.com.

    EgoTV: Would You Rather…Have super sensitive smell OR super sensitive hearing?

    Have super sensitive smell OR super sensitive hearing? Seeing as I already have super sensitive smell – my favorite parenting game is “What smells like poo in here?!” and then going on a fun and educational adventure with my children as we try to discover who crapped in the waste basket this time! – I’ll take super sensitive hearing.  That way maybe I could hear the little demons before they pull another chandelier out of the ceiling (true story).  What I really need though is mind reading.  Or a Vulcan death grip.  Or both.  Can you make that happen?

    EgoTV: For a living, clean silverware with your mouth OR golf balls with your mouth.

    My motto is anything that doesn’t kill you makes your immune system stronger!  (Ten second rule is for pansies, at our house it’s the 3-day rule and you have to beat your brother to that furry jelly bean under the fridge.)  Given my lack of fear – or respect – for germs, I’d much rather lick food off utensils than dirty balls.  Yes, I just said that.

    EgoTV: What do you suppose those careers would make per year?

    I’d do it for free if I could pick the kitchen for which I’d be doing the cleaning!   Giada de Laurentiis? Yes please!  And I’m pretty sure there would be no dirty balls to worry about with her.

    EgoTV: Go to a lousy open-mike comedy night every night of the week OR an embarrassing karaoke bar every night of the week?

    I’m sure you’ve done karaoke, what song do you always pick?  It’s like you’ve seen into my soul!  I adore lousy comedy AND embarrassing karaoke!  I can’t choose!  Both?  We’ll call it improv night and that’s my dream come true.  And while I sing like a cat in a tin bucket I cannot resist the allure of a karaoke machine, no matter how humble the venue.  My first choice is show tunes – preferably something I don’t know too well as I prefer to make up the lyrics as I go along.

    EgoTV: I’m sure you’ve done karaoke, what song do you always pick?

    You should hear me do “Fame!”  That’s the only word I can reliably get correct in the whole song.  Everyone claps for me anyhow.  It’s because I’m so cute.

    EgoTV: Dress like Spock from Star Trek every day for one year OR like the Joker every day for one year?

    I’ve never seen Batman so I don’t know what the Joker looks like. I know, I’m culturally irrelevant. Plus I think Spock is groovy. And blunt-cut bangs are totally in this season anyhow.

    EgoTV: Every time you orgasm only be able to do Popeye’s giggle OR beep like the Road Runner?

    I had to Google Popeye’s giggle. You are one sick man, Chris. And the Road Runner beep is so inexpressive. How about we compromise with the Woody the Woody Pecker cackle? (Two points for double entendre?)

    Charlotte Hilton Andersen’s new book The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything is available on Amazon.com. You can read her blog here.

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