Seven Classic Moments in Friars Club Roasts

    December 28, 2010 at 6:00 am

    It’s not the same as the Comedy Central Roast.  In fact it’s got a hell of a lot more of a rich tradition than that.  The very prestigious Friars Club does a roast nearly every year.  This year Quentin Tarantino got blitzed and who knows who it’ll be next.

    The real humor lied in some of the older roasts like when Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, and Don Rickles were heckling people.   Today the good stuff is on Comedy central but we’re here to bring you back to the good ‘ole days.

    Here are seven classic Friars Club Roast moments….

    Johnny Carson gets Roasted by Flip Wilson

    Awwww.  Wasn’t that cute?

    Johnny Carson Roasts Don Rickles

    I think that Don Rickles should get another roast at some point before he kicks.

    George Takei gets roasted by Paul Fitzgerald

    This is pretty good.

    Paul Mooney roasts Richard Pryor

    It’s funny because I always thought that Paul Mooney wasn’t really known until he got on the Chappelle’s Show.  Shows what I know.  Guy is one funny dude.

    Matt Lauer gets Roasted

    To this day I have absolutely no clue why he was ever roasted.   The Jeff Ross is pretty awesome.

    Don Rickles Gets his Revenge

    It’s not so much how funny Rickles is because that’s a given.  It’s how drunk Dean Martin is.

    Foster Brooks Roasts Dean Martin

    No list like this would be complete without Dean Martin getting nailed.

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