“The Mentalist” Signs $30 Million Dollar Extension; Did NOT See That Coming

    December 28, 2010 at 8:00 am

    A personal favorite SNL sketch from the past couple seasons was about a fake game show called “What is Burn Notice?” The skit was making fun of the USA show Burn Notice that seems to be immensely popular though no one really knows anyone that watches the show. The only question on the game show for contestants to answer was “What is Burn Notice?”

    I found it humorous because there are a few shows on TV, much like Burn Notice, that get solid rating though I don’t know anyone that pays attention to it. The Mentalist comes to mind. Well, someone is watching, because the star of the show just got $30 million bucks to stick around.

    “The Mentalist” star Simon Baker signed a new deal worth more than $US30 million ($29.86m) to stay atop the hit CBS series, Deadline.com has reported.
    The rich tab comes in exchange for the Australian adding another season to his standard six-year pact.

    Are TV contracts like baseball contracts? Does Baker get paid whether the show lasts six more seasons or not? Or is it more like football where that’s how much he gets paid but if the show is cut he loses the money? Perhaps it like the WNBA, where players get paid even though no one is really watching or gives a crap.

    ‘Mentalist’ star Simon Baker inks new $US30 million contract as Christmas gift – [New.Com.Au]

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