Where They At? Jesse Camp

    December 27, 2010 at 11:00 am

    To keep track of all the people who have arrived on the Hollywood scene with a massive explosion, only to seemingly disappear, EgoTV presents “Where they At?”, a status update of what those people are doing now.

    Today’s Subject: Jesse Camp

    Where you know him from: Jesse Camp was the winner of the very first “Wanna Be a VJ?” contest on MTV in 1998. The 6’4″ flake with the weird hair and weirder personality concocted a story about being homeless. It might have been that along with a “faulty voting system” that helped Camp win the gig. A few years later an internet hacker did an interview with the Village Voice and admitted to rigging the voting and sending in 3,000 bogus votes for Camp. He released the debut album from his band — Jesse Camp & the 8th Street Kidz — the next year. Camp lasted a year in the gig and since then had a small cameo in Britney Spears’ movie “Crossroads,” and appeared in the low-budget 2004 horror flick “Skin Walker.” Turns out, Camp wasn’t homeless or even that dumb, having attended a prestigious prep school in Connecticut before landing the job with MTV.

    Where is he now? Honestly, no one is sure. Some reports have Camp working at a Los Angeles–area pet supply store called Centinela Feed & Supply while others claim he has a job working for a non-profit organization called “Telefund” as a caller, raising money for non-profit liberal and progressive organizations. Several writers have tried to reach out to Camp but neither he, nor his parents, have returned calls.

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