5 Reasons The Day After Xmas Is The Worst Day To Be At Work

    December 27, 2010 at 5:00 am

    The first few weeks of December are usually a blur at work. Not much work gets done, but the days are spent celebrating the pending holiday, online shopping and doing everything but actual work. It’s fine though, because no one else is really doing work either. The holiday comes and goes and unfortunately it’s back to the 9-5 grind.

    Luckily, this year there was a Sunday buffer to soften the blow of returning to work, but it doesn’t make that Monday any easier to handle. It’s an awful day to be at work. Worst than normal.

    Here are six reasons the day after Xmas is the worst day to be at work.

    You’re Still Kind Of Hungover

    You drank a little too much and you’re still not feeling 100% yourself and the food intake in no way helped the situation. You’re entire body is experiencing a holiday indulgence hangover. Nothing worse than squeezing into work clothes and sitting on your fat can all day to make you feel even worse. Bad news though. It’s not going to get better because…

    The Leftovers

    People buy a ton of food. Half of it goes uneaten. So it makes its way to the lunchroom at work. You really didn’t want another piece of pie but there are about forty in the break room and you’re bored, kind of hungry and mostly just bored.

    The Work Is Piled Up (But Nothing Is Really Getting Done Yet)

    You have done real work since the week before Thanksgiving. It doesn’t just go away. It sits on your desk. Waiting. Hours and hours of crap that has to get finished. You do it now, but no one else is really working, so what’s one more work. Is there still pie left in the kitchen?

    Missing Out On The Shopping Deals

    The days after Christmas are when the real shopping deals go down. Half off tons of stuff and you actually have money to spend. While everyone else is hitting the mall you’re almost comatose in your cubicle and wondering if most of your blood is now pumpkin filling.

    Co-Worker Story Time

    “How was your holiday?”
    “Good how was yours?”
    And blah blah blah a half hour later and he/she is still talking and you’re face has gone numb from boredom. It’s best not to ask about coworkers holiday stories and if they ask you, just pretend to have to throw up from eating too much. Then hide in the work bathroom until New Years Eve.

    1. That Dude says:

      Monday after Christmas should always be a day off.

    2. Rex says:

      The food is the best! I love eating their leftovers and telling the people how bad their cooking is

    3. The Eggman says:

      This is why I stay unemployed

    4. J Bob says:

      Secretly everyone hopes people are going to be snowed in. This year it looks like they got their wish.

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