Little Girls with Guns is Disturbing

    December 24, 2010 at 11:30 am

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    I know it’s kind of cool to post sexy girls with guns.  Lots of sites do it.  But I think I needed to get this gallery of my chest.  What in the world is the world coming to?  Seriously.  Little girls carrying guns?  What the hell is wrong with our nation?

    I really don’t have much else to say.   Plus most of you are going home for Christmas anyway.  But in case you are reading this I hope this is some kind of a wake up call.

    Why does this exist?

    1. BlackB911 says:

      I don’t think that there is ANYTHING wrong with young girls learning how to use guns! I am in my teens and I have been taught to shoot even though not to often I can use one if I have to defend myself and I can most likely take someone down even if I just had any other thing (frying pan works just as fine, as shown in “Tangled”)
      Anyway what is wrong with GIRLS shooting? A lot of people think that girls are weak and can’t take care of ourselves but does THAT person know how to defend themselves? It is a BIG mistake to think that girls are weaker and more fragile. That is just plain sexist! Girls can do anything guys can do.
      Even if the kid is young they should learn how to handle the gun with respect and not one day just find it and see what it does! Kids should be taught at a young age what a gun can do and what the consequences are for using them in an misused manner.

    2. I have taught a number of young girls to shoot.
      My own daughter can out-shoot most men (and has acquitted herself very well at our local club)
      Personal skill-at-arms is an unfortunate necessity in the uncertain world we inhabit.
      Especially for a girl.

    3. WJV says:

      The author is 100% correct.

      Don’t you know that all little girls should be taught their place in society! Let them play with kitchen toys and baby dolls. .

      We start teaching them how to use guns, they might grow up thinking that they are equal to us menfolk. Next think you know they will want a say in decisions around the home and in politics!

      /sarcasm mode off. . . .

    4. Larry says:

      I bet the author is someone who thinks women and men should be equal in ALL things…..Why then does the author think girls are “below” being able to use guns?

    5. Claude Clay says:

      little girls are so much better served when dressed up as tiny adults in tight sexy clothing and painted like little whores and paraded around for the pleasure of their (sic) mommies at beauty pageants. absolutely, we must teach them what important–important though your eyes only– and not to become personally responsible citizens. and for those wondering what my point is—it is to you especially i speak.

    6. Kyle says:

      Hate me all you want, but I agree with the author. Although I am not American, I am well educated on the laws in the United States. And that guns were legalized to protect ones self from the British, make sense. The only issue is now in order to protect yourself from a professional soldier, you will need a lot more than a pistol. Now what about attackers, I believe that education is the best way to reduce crime, NOT guns. If the potential attacker knows that they could spend the rest of their life in prison, the odds of them attacking are a lot less. The only issue with that is, education is only starting to go that way because people still believe that violence solves violence. I’m sorry that I disagree with everyone else, but if I have to go to bed with a .9mm gun beside me…that is one sad, paranoid life.

    7. What kind of stupid person gives a gun to anyone under 18?

      White trash hillbillies… Y’all be stoopid Go watch fox newz

    8. Chris says:

      #2 (×160.jpg) is a [plastic] toy gun. I remember when toys guns used to look almost like the real thing, then some dumba** teenager had to go point one at a cop and now they have to paint the tips blaze orange.

    9. derp says:

      matured girls (18+) with guns is sexy all except for two of these girls don’t look a day above ten. wtf! on the other note id rather teach my children about fire arms before the tv does.

    10. Chris says:

      Children should have training and learn about guns. Kids who have never seen or held a gun will see one and curiousity will get the better of them. Should kids have access to guns? No, but they need to be educated so they know the dangers of guns. Remember: Guns don’t kill people. Stupid people with guns kill people.

    11. The girl with the pink M4, who appears from ages 7-12, is my daughter, Morrigan Sanders. Those photos are by Oleg Volk. Websites for both are easy to find.

      Morrigan has appeared professionally in Time, Der View, Discovery Channel, Discovery UK, two small movies. She is an honor student, and also sings, plays guitar and keyboards, and enjoys archery and kung fu. Her favorite musicians are Rush, Alan Parsons and Loreena McKennitt.

      I’m not sure exactly what about her disturbs you, but you might consider consulting with a therapist.

    12. DREW says:

      This is just horrible. Children being taught at an early age to understand and respect a sport that is a long tradition, constitutional right, and really a lot of fun. Just sickening.

    13. Theriandros says:

      I think I went to the summer camp in the first picture.

    14. Hooyah says:

      As a medical scientist with a PhD in microbiology and an active duty officer in the US military, I view it as my duty to teach both my daughters how to properly handle and use firearms. I will do everything in my power to help them grow mentally and physically to overcome any obstacles and ignorance thrown their way. Brains and brawn: my girls are going to be prepared, are yours?

    15. John says:

      I am an NRA pistol instructor, Nationally certified 4-H pistol instructor, and state certified in everything that 4-H offers at the moment in NC. I believe that EVERY person should own, and carry a firearm, and feel naked when I go anywhere without mine.
      I am also a college student, so I feel naked MOST OF THE TIME!
      I have found that most girls out shoot guys… I just think that bothers the author (who MUST be from california or the uk( and yes, I purposefully did not capitalize those two worthless places.))
      Live Strong,
      Do Work.
      Nu #1235

    16. Liberty says:

      This reminds me, I need to donate another pink pellet rifle for an up coming NRA Banquet. ps-any pro-gunners reading this-plz join / renew your NRA membership (or at least someother pro-2-A org, or your home states org) thank you

    17. metro says:

      Theres nothing wrong with it, you’re just a drama queen…these little girls have more spine than you do, cupcake.

    18. Secruss says:


      On a side, I can’t wait to buy a G21.

    19. Some Bloke says:

      Epic fail, author!

    20. J says:

      The comments on this gallery make me feel better. Seems like most people realize that guns aren’t inherently dangerous, that training and experience contribute to safety, and that kids shouldn’t be barred from this.

      Kids in this country used to hunt, shoot, et cetera at young ages…now we act like the very idea is somehow morally wrong.

    21. Beaner says:

      The Author is obviously of the ‘gun control ‘school that says “Keep em Ignorant, Keep em Safe” After all, it’s worked so well for sex..

      As Long as MY daughters and grand daughters can handle a gun, they will never fear any man.

    22. Liberty says:

      “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilised nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” Adolf Hitler

      • While I agree with your position, that Hitler quote has been proven a complete fabrication.

        However, the National Guard youth program has kids from age 11 up shooting rifles at summer camp. (It’s a summer camp for children of National Guard members.) They also get to rappel, camp and swim.

    23. Sir says:

      I have guns.

      I teach my children and grandchildren to use and handle guns.

      I teach them to kill the perps and how to do it safely.

      I will us guns against perps myself and I have every intention of killing them.

      Why would I call the cops if I kill someone breaking and entering ?
      They did not file a flight plan. Nobody knows that they are in my property.
      They will not be missed.

      So long sucker.
      Bleed ’em out in the bathtub and put the body in the dumpster.
      No jail time. No wasted court time. No witnesses. Therefore no crime.

    24. "gunner" says:

      @ connor,
      i like the way you think lad, and i’d probably trust you around my grand daughter when she’s a year or two older. her current boyfriend is a wimp.

    25. 2BRKnot2B says:

      Hmmmm…I see no problem with this. My 26 year old daughter is finally getting her Pistol Permit. I would have liked her to have it 10 years ago, but NYS law wouldn’t allow after the RINO Pataki 5 point passed. She should be able to carry it anywhere, especially gun free, victim creation zones. Everyone should be able to carry,a nd regardless of their stats (permit, CCW, or not). Gov’t permission for a right is unconstitutional (Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham 1969, from Staub v. Baxley), “…a an unconstituional censorship or prior restraint on the individual…our rulings (note multiple) (show that when) faced with such an unconstitutional law, one may ignore it, and engage in the right which requires a license with impunity.”

    26. Hey Ed,

      If guns are needed to keep the world free, then we ain’t so free.

    27. Libertry says:

      “The philosophy of gun control: Teenagers are roaring through town at 90 MPH, where the speed limit is 25. Your solution is to lower the speed limit to 20.”-Sam Cohen, inventor of the Neutron Bomb

      ”You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”–Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

    28. gov111w says:

      Girls with guns makes a heck of a lot more sense than girls without them !!!!!!

    29. takawalk says:

      The world is a dangerous place. A 11 or 12 year old girl killed two men that invaded her home. They where in possession of a gun they took off someone they killed when he didn’t get to it time in a previous home invasion. What would they have done to her? Maybe nothing but they had it coming. There are many killed in accidental shootings also. I s there a right answer? no- but each to his or her own.

    30. george says:

      its great! shooting is fantastic sport, and much safer than high scool football or cheerleading, thats a fact. check out the stats

    31. Swigrus says:

      I have no problem with teaching children the proper way to handle and shoot a firearm. Perhaps there will come a day when one of these little ones will grow up and save your life. They are our future soldiers and law enforcement officers. Perhaps the author is some weenie country that treats all guns as evil. Here in the U.S. we have a little thing called the 2nd Amendment which guarentees the Right, not a privilege, but a Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It’s the one right that secures all the others. You, author, are are very ignorant sissie.

    32. Ed says:

      To imply that there is something wrong here, is to suggest there is something wrong with guns. There is nothing inherintly wrong with guns. Guns keep the free world free. Only with those who would misuse them, is there something wrong. Amen to instruction and hence knowledgeable use.

    33. Lola says:

      Wow, I cannot believe that grown people could be “DUMB” enough to believe that owning a gun can actually save your life or the life of your children!!! I can only assume that most of you are uneducated individuals that have no college education, most specifically in law enforcement.
      I’m a parole officer in California and I also have many members of law enforcement officers in my family and they will be the first to admit that most of the time by the time you’re in immediate danger to where you would need to retrieve the gun…it is too late.
      The criminals that are in possession of high powered fire arms are “CRIMINALS”, most all of them have had a lifetime of training to prepare them to kill people on a dime. That is their full time job, all day…everyday!
      Educate yourselves and go to battered women who’ve killed their abusive husbands…had no prior record and are sitting in prison for the rest of their life. There are other avenues to getting out of those types of abusive relationships safely. I know because I was married to an abusive man and I feel deep compassion that women are sitting in prisons all over the United States because they felt that killing these jerks was their only option!

      • Dave says:

        Lola, You need to stop talking like you are a police officer. Parole Officers are not police and do not have thier training. Nore do you speak for them. Parole officers can only effect arrest on criminals they are in charge of and for certain violations only.

        My father was a San Diego Sherrifs officer for 14 years before he was medically retired due to a heart condition. He was pro gun and during his career the hundreds of his co-workers I met all supported private people having and useing guns for any thing they wanted to be it hunting, target shooting, sport shooting or self defence.

        Oh and as to your comment about not being able to get to them in time to save ourselves..speak for your self. I have protected my self twice with my guns. Once when I was 12 and a guy tried to break into our home. The mere site of the gun sent him running away. The second time I caught a guy trying to break into my grand fathers house and I held him for the police.

        I speak from experince, I think you speak from a lower body orifice.

      • Bo says:

        Typical elitist scare tactics. “Only the GOVERNMENT have any need of firearms.”

        The fact of the matter is that these girls are showing discipline and restraint beyond the ability of most “progressive” statists.

        There are two kinds of people in this world, the ones that can cope, and the ones that can’t. These girls can cope. The poster above, clearly cannot.

      • John says:

        I agree that having a loaded gun just sitting by for a child to find can be dangerous and that a foot race to your weapon isn’t always the best idea. The alternative is not teaching your children about firearms and letting them find out on their own – sometimes at the cost of their lives or friends. Not having a gun to protect yourself also can cost you your life. I’ll be damned if I’ll remove my firearms and have thieves and murderers as the only gun carrying people out there. I have the right to arm myself and should, responsibly. My children will learn gun safety WITH me around, not out of curiosity. Criminals entering my home will be met with force, possibly deadly force. I carry my firearm and won’t have a foot race to my gun, criminals come in ready and I’ll be there to greet them. Who are you to pass judgement on who’s educated and whos not? Obviously if you had educated yourself about the situation with children and firearms you would know that educating children about the perils of firearms and proper use of them as a tool can save their lives – not cost them. No one is advocating shooting your spouse – knowledge is power – don’t deprive your children and end up at their funeral or theirs. Own firearms responsibly – not in ignorance.

      • John says:

        You are a total moron, I am a college grad a former Marine and law enforcement officer and a life member of the NRA. My kids were trained in the safe use of firearms at a very early age and taught not to be a victim.
        But I understand your misguided belief, one sentence said it all, I AM A PAROLE OFFICER IN CALIFORNIA. You fit right in.

      • Andy says:

        I have a 4 year college degree.
        I was a federal agent.
        I would have no trouble retrieving my gun if needed. It is within arms reach almost 24/7. My kids have been brought up to respect guns and the damage they can do. No I don’t live in the People’s Republic of CA, where only the government and criminals can carry guns.

      • "gunner" says:

        @ lola,
        you’ve got a some what off base idea of guns, and the law abiding people who have, and carry them, pehaps from your “clientele” and the jusisdiction where you live and work. i’ve carried a pistol professionally and privately for most of my adult life and i have no wish to kill anyone, but i also have no desire to be robbed and/or murdered by any of your “clients”. i live in a place as far from california as you can get without walking east until your hat floats away. we do not issue or require “pistol permits” here and we live in a peaceful and reasonably safe society, with one of the lowest crime rates in the u.s. and no need or desire for “gun control”. we have our guns and we control them for ourselves without need of a permission chit from “big nanny”.

      • Max says:

        To “LOLA ”
        -” I cannot believe that grown people could believe that owning a gun can actually save your life or the life of your children!!!”-

        Grown people do believe this, and with good reason, every day the life and body of women and children are saved by guns. Every day.

        -“I’m a parole officer in California and I also have many members of law enforcement officers in my family and they will be the first to admit that most of the time by the time you’re in immediate danger to where you would need to retrieve the gun…it is too late.”-

        Two problems… One, that you are in California, a seriously Rights deficient state. Two, and here’s the rub… you have just given an excellent reason why people young and old need to carry, concealed or not. Because… When you need a tool, you need a tool. (Also a good reason to carry a good knife, Leatherman or similar tool, a screwdriver, or hammer if you’ll be needing one.)

        Now if you need training with a tool… get it. Even kids can poke their eyes out with sharp sticks… the trick is to teach them ALL (girls & boys) not to do that, respect ALL tools, and if they are really too young or are the least bit irresponsible… teach them that if they find one, or their friends are playing with one, then they should leave, and go tell an adult right away. As soon as they can crawl they should be learning this. Lots less kids drowning in buckets of water (more actually die that way then by playing with guns) or having eyes poked out, or hit over the head by hammers and such.

        -“The criminals that are in possession of high powered fire arms are “CRIMINALS”, most all of them have had a lifetime of training to prepare them to kill people on a dime. That is their full time job, all day…everyday!”-

        Right. So we just bend over and let them have their way? You seriously want to teach that to children? Now who is being stupid.

        -“Educate yourselves and go to battered women who’ve killed their abusive husbands…had no prior record and are sitting in prison for the rest of their life. There are other avenues to getting out of those types of abusive relationships safely. I know because I was married to an abusive man and I feel deep compassion that women are sitting in prisons all over the United States because they felt that killing these jerks was their only option!”-

        Right, they are sitting there because no-one ever told them the right way to defend themselves, where they live. Those women actually sitting in prison never received such training on the use of tools like guns to protect themselves. They never had a chance, which is exactly what you propose they be taught. I hardly think that’s compassionate.

        YOU are the one that will condemn them, your insecure attitude will get them either hurt, killed, or locked up. All for lack of a little training with tools.
        Stay away from sticks… you REALLY could hurt yourself.

        Seriously, get some help for that deep insecurity problem of yours, that attitude will come back to bite you someday.

      • phiip says:

        A few things which so not make any sense in your post:
        “…it’s too late…(to retrieve a gun.) Well, then I’ll just WHIP out that police officer I have in my back pocket!
        “criminals with guns are criminals” So if they have a crow bar that makes them less criminal?
        And battered women have responded, by and large, to their abuse in much more violent ways (i.e. Stabbing, bludgeoning, poisoning is the most popular.) Guns are not the problem. Peoples attitudes are the problem.
        Criminals are criminals no matter what tool they use.
        A gun at the side is worth a squad car at the doughnut shop.
        And make no mistake, a girl who has the discipline to control a high powered rifle will have the discipline to choose a man who will not abuse her, or she will know when to leave him.

    34. Brian says:

      I pity the liberals out there who can’t understand the concept of being able to defend yourself.

      Liberals like to ignore one fact: GUNS PREVENT GUN CRIMES. Even if half of America’s population carried a concealed hand gun, Crime would drop to an all time low. Who is going to try to rape a woman if there is a 50% chance of being shot in the face?

      So keep saying that guns are bad and evil and such, but don’t come crying to me when that mugger has been gone for fifteen minutes and the police are only now arriving.

      I’ve been attacked before, and I have called the police, and I didn’t even hear the sirens until fifteen minutes after I had the attacker on the ground and restrained. And even then it took them another fifteen minutes to actually walk over and “help” (interrogate) me. Sure it was dark out, so they had to be careful, in the amount of time they took to get to me, I WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD IF I DID NOT KNOW SELF DEFENSE.

      If I had a gun that night, I could have probably swayed my attacker (who was armed with a knife); and if not have swayed him, I could have dropped him before he could have touched me. And I would be sporting several less scars today.

      I was lucky that I had been training in the martial arts for the majority of my life, and I had the training, and the ability, to defend myself that night. But since that day, I don’t go anywhere without at least one knife on me. I don’t carry a knife as a weapon, but as a tool to intimidate anyone who I feel may be a threat to my safety. While I could easily take an untrained opponent down with my bare hands, If I pull out that knife, then I might not have to touch them at all.

      But I plan to obtain a CCW permit when I turn 21. I’m only 19 now, but when I am home from college, I sleep with a 9mm carbine and a full magazine (on opposite ends of the room, mind you) in my room, my brother down the hall has a 9mm pistol in his, and my dad has a .22 pistol in his. We all keep out guns locked up, but we can all have them ready in less than a minute if need be. I pity the man who will try to break in at night and try to hurt my family.

    35. Connor says:

      are you out of YOUR mind? what do you think this is? these arent little girls being trained to kill people, its them learning to protect themselves and be involved with the rich american heritage of guns and hunting. im 18 years old and i personally find women who take a liking to guns very attractive. not only that, but i would feel safer if they were my girlfriend. im not saying that i find these girls attractive, of course, because theyre like 7 to 12 years old, but im sure these girls wil be much better suited in the future to defend themselves and their family, and it warms my heart to see these photos. let our heritage of freedom guns and hunting continue despite all of the criticism we get from all around the world. that goes with people like you, who cant see the bigger picture.

    36. Ed says:

      If a child is taught to respect guns and there use we would all be better off.This is a great sport that can be enjoyed by all. The criminals may not like us being skilled in the use of firearms but who cares what they think. Come to think of it there are probably some political types that don’t want us to be skilled eather

    37. Tony says:

      The author is, quite simply, a fool; a complete and total fool.

    38. geoff says:

      My daughter “owned” a jr. target rifle before she was born. She acquired a training air rifle before she could walk. By the time she could speak with any fluency, she had been grounded, at a core level, with firearms safety and use.

      By the time she was 10, she was an accomplished marksman and had begun to learn the principles of self defense and the circumstances under which these principles were to be utilized.

      By 18, she had become an expert marksman with the attendant concentration, discipline and muscular control necessary to be an expert.

      But most importantly, she has an accurate assessment of self worth, and the self esteem born of knowing she can take care of herself. Moreover, unlike the great unwashed masses, she has a TRUE understanding of freedom and it’s cost. She will NEVER be an unproductive parasite like the author of this article.

      Even more than that, this young woman will NEVER be raped, or molested, or mugged – with or without a firearm – as she understands the nature of the liberal mindset that wishes to create sheep in all aspects of life.

      She will never fear life as her liberal peers do.

      These are fundamental facts that will never be understood by sheep like Mr. Landers.

    39. Ted says:

      Thanks for the wake up call. After reading this I realized that it had been at least two months since my youngest daughter and I had been shooting. I’ll try and get her out to the range this week.

    40. David says:

      What kind of fool WOULDN’T teach their children, male or female about the use of guns?

    41. That top picture looks like it could have been one of the girls in our local 4-H shooting sports club. They learn safety, self control, and often the joy of shooting better than the boys in the club. Shooting sports are one of the few outdoors sports where size and strength are secondary to personal effort and will.

      Fifteen years ago, my daughter was starting out just like that girl in the top photo. When she was eleven, she won 2nd prize in her category at the State 4-H matches. Now, she’s a 21-year old college woman with a CCW permit, two pistols of her own, and the ability to and confidence to defend herself with them. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

    42. realist says:

      a gun in the hand is worth two cops on the phone

    43. John says:

      I see little girls that will grow into independent young women that won’t fear for their lives every time they leave the house…

    44. "gunner" says:

      what’s the problem? my daughter started shooting my .45 at age 14, now as grown woman she owns her own 9mm colt, a ruger p85 9mm and a 5.56mm colt ar-15. my grand daughter sharted shooting at age 6 (under adult supervision) with her grand mother’s .22 semi-automatic pistol, now she’s shooting a .380 auto. does that bother you, if so why?

    45. Dave F. says:

      Rapists love gun control.

    46. George says:

      I never realized women needed guns to terrorize anyone.
      Guns are just redundant.
      I think very few women who are trained in the use of guns will use them against humans or animals.
      Now males or females who are untrained can be very dangerous with guns, or any other device that can maim or destroy.
      The main danger to society is the politically correct controller.

    47. joe says:

      Man you need to get a life .Both of my daughters ages 6&10 hunt and shoot. AndIi pity the first guy to lay a hand on them in a way they dont like . not only can they hit what they aim at they can field dress them afterwards .

    48. Santa says:

      ahhhh, gotta luv a warm gun…all of you anti-gunners out there, sleep well tonite!!

    49. About the author–a real moron

    50. Adrian says:

      Every man, woman, or responsible child (including little girls) should be free to own and/or carry firearms.

      • Jack says:

        I wonder if the author is American? Seems doubtful. I wonder if he has a problem with little boys with guns? What about toy guns? Ironically, one of the images he uses is from the Self-defense: A Basic Human Right site. That site shows many good reasons why little girls should learn to use guns.

      • Miko says:

        Hey, a girls gotta protect herself from evil men somehow. If men can’t control themselves, we’ll shoot em’!

      • nell says:

        come on people.there is nothing wrong with having guns and learning how to use them as young as you can.for that matter knives. I have been around them all my life. I have cut my fingers maybe 5 times in my life. I have never shot myself or anyone else. Let the kids learn how the right way to handle . Yes there is accidents that happen once in a while. That little girl,might save her or her parents life.I have seen a lot more people hurt or killed on the news in the last few days WITH Rocks than the last six months with guns. I am a women sixty one years old.I believe in these times, Specially now , we all should know how to use a gun. or A ROCK.

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