AM Hot Links – Best Albums, Loving Kanye and Bad Morning Commutes

    December 24, 2010 at 4:00 am

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    A list of the best albums of 2010. Sure. Not going to argue. Frankly don’t care much about music. I mean a like music but to sit there and list the “best albums” is like jotting down 1-10 the best bowel movements I’ve had over the past 365 days. Only matters to me and my toilet. It’s all opinion. How can it be the best album if I’ve never heard it and don’t give a crap to? All opinion. I’m more concerned with the fact we still call them albums. Reminds me of actual records. There needs to be a new name for a collection of songs by a single artist. Music collection. Group of tunes. Eh, I don’t give a crap really. Oh that was a good one. Might make my top ten.

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    The Links

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    Paris Hilton’s Weird Holiday Swimsuit – [Hollywood Tuna]
    I Prefer This Version of R2D2 – [Pic Rocket]
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    Monkeys and Meth Don’t Mix – [TruTV]
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Nip Slip – [Celeb Jihad]

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