Christina Hendricks Wants To Play Wonder Woman. Welp, I’m Sold.

    December 23, 2010 at 8:00 am

    It goes something like this; I’m tied to traintracks and the 5:30 to Manhattan is bearing down on me at about 40 mph. I can’t break free. Suddenly, a hear a loud SWWWWOOOSSSSHH and it’s not the train but Wonder Woman in her invisible jet. She is hear to have monkey sex with me on the tracks. The train then becomes a boat to take us to a remote island.

    The chick in the Wonder Woman costume changes each time. I never dreamed the big booby chick from Mad Men. But I love it.

    She is usually flaunting her curves in tailored suits and smart office dresses as her Mad Men character. But Christina Hendricks has revealed that she would love to try the skin tight lycra outfit of Wonder Woman on for size.

    The  35-year-old actress revealed her aspirations to play the sexy superheroine during an interview with U.S. chat show host  Rachel Ray.

    At this point, every single actress in the world either wants to play WW or signed on to play WW or is in talks to discuss playing WW in some type of LET’S GET ON WITH IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Make a damn movie for people to hate and then get a “reboot” going a couple years later. Hollywood stop dragging your heels we need some hot chick in an Wonder Woman outfit pronto!

    She said: ‘I heard that rumour too – I don’t know where it got started but I love it!,’ ‘I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life! I’d love to [do it]. That would be such fun! Let’s put it out there!’

    Weird. You’ve wanted to get in the outfit your whole life and every man in the world would want to see you out of it. Crazy how that works. Damn, this truth lasso is effective.

    ‘I’d like a shot at Wonder Woman,’ says Christina Hendricks… but the costume may need some adjustment – [Daily Mail]

    1. Deathrow says:

      i Love Christina but she would not pull off Wonder Women. but i would so choose her for a Power Girl movie any day

    2. KC says:

      Sorry – Christina is a porker I wouldn’t mind porking, but a porker nevertheless. She’d never be able to pull off the Amazon Princess. Wonder Woman didn’t have a love affair with ham.

    3. Matt says:

      Way too thick. I’m not saying she’s an out-of-shape hideous tub of lard, but she is simply way too thick to be wonder woman. she would have to lose 20 lbs at least, and then she’d still be way too top-heavy for that outfit.

    4. LuLu says:

      She is pretty and all. But I do not see it what so ever. Why do they keep looking at older people for the role? They should find someone young and fresh like in Spiderman.

    5. okyeah says:

      She’s already played the part of Wonder Woman a hundred times in my beat off fantasies.

      p.s. your site and it’s lame pop-ups suck ass

    6. Corey says:

      Wonder Woman has to be hot, and this chick is not. The pale skin and red hair is so not sexy.

    7. saltydog says:

      Um no. I love Christina but no that wouldn’t work at all. She is beautiful and all but she just doesn’t scream “warrior” to me.

      Also they want somebody really young like 18-25 for the part, Christina is at least 10 years too old

    8. Rex says:

      Some people say she’s bg .. their crazy … thick is it … get it girl
      You can save me any day 😉

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