AM Hot Links – Holiday Hook-Ups, Star Wars Posters and Chicks In Eyepatches

    December 23, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read 5 best holidays for hooking up.

    Every holiday is great for hooking up because people are either 1) happy or 2) miserable. Either is prime time to get some action. It’s actually easier to hook up when people are in a miserable mood. They’ll do anything to get happy. Even hook up with a mook like you. Best holiday to break up? Valentines Day. Why? Tons of miserable people around for the rebound. Worst holiday? Fourth of July. Gun shots can be masked with firework sounds.

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    The Links

    How Many Rappers Can Jail Hold? – [Smoking Section]
    Star Wars Posters Reimagined – [Unreality]
    A Quickie With Monika Pietrasinska – [DJ Mick]
    Potty-Mouthed Female Santas Arrested in Ohio – [Aol News]
    Eye Candy With Eyepatches – [Maxim]
    The 6 Most Horrifying Ways Hospitals Can Kill You – [Cracked]
    5 Easy to Make Christmas Gifts For The Cheap and Lazy – [Holy Taco]
    8 Reasons Santa Claus Is An Unfit Family Holiday Icon – [Guyism]
    Top 10 College Football Recruiting Schools of All Time – [Bleacher Report]
    Yes, That’s Grace Jones And Pee-wee Herman Singing Christmas Carols – [The Frisky]
    Proof That Some People in Congress are Just Overgrown Children – [BroBible]
    10 Funniest Xmas Present Reactions Caught On Camera – [Manofest]
    Emanuela De Paula See-Through Top Is a Portal to Awesome – [Egotastic]
    Lindsay Lohan Was Only Drinking Shirley Temples. Of Course. – [The Superficial]
    Rihanna’s Sweet Holiday Booty – [Hollywood Tuna]
    Supergirl’s New Look– [Pic Rocket]
    Jessica Alba Looking Adorably Hot On The Talk – [Popoholic]
    Best Missouri Hooters Bikini Car Wash Photos Of The Year!– [Busted Coverage]
    Is that a ‘Whizzinator’ In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me – [TruTV]
    Emma Watson Flashes Upskirt On The Today Show – [Celeb Jihad]

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