6 Things To Do With Leftover Xmas Wrapping Paper

    December 22, 2010 at 5:00 am

    The holidays bring excess in just about everything. If you’re having people over, you over buy with food and drink. If you’re responsible for gift giving, you tend to overspend for people. If you’re in charge of gift wrapping, you tend to buy just a little too much wrapping paper. How can you say no, it’s like $1 for forty rolls at some places.

    The food goes and the gifts get exchanged but you’re usually always stuck with all this wrapping paper. You could save it, but that’s for grandmas and Hoarders. You don’t have the space.

    Here is what you could do with the unused paper.

    Re-wrap Crap Gifts For Next Year

    The other day you came to the realization you’re going to get crappy gifts. The good news is you can re-gift. Maybe not this year, but next year, you’ll have half your shopping done. Just wrap them up the moment you get home (label them so you know what the hell they are in 12 months) and throw them in the closet. Aunt Mable is gonna love that coffee set. If it survives the summer months in a damp closet.

    Wrap Leftovers

    The holiday meal is over and everyone is taking home leftovers. The Tupperware is gone and there isn’t a square of aluminum foil in the house. Time for plan C. Use the leftover gift wrap for meats, veggies and a pieces of apple pie. Use gift bags to carry it all home. Use the tissue paper to wipe your mouth in the car. Seriously, you just ate. You’re hungry again?

    Cover Drafty Windows

    Home remodeling is expensive. It costs so much money just to save a couple bucks on heating the winter months. What if there were a way to “winterize” the windows from the inside? With, say, forty layers of thick Santa paper? It also creates a nice tunnel feel. Maybe more like a mine. Whatever, it’s dark and cozy. What’s the weather look like outside? No clue, these Christmas balls are in the way.

    Beat Up Children (With Unused Rolls)

    I’m a father. It’s fine to hit your kids with objects that won’t hurt, scar or kill. Wrapping paper rolls are a nice option. It’s got the feeling of a baseball bat but without those unsightly Louisville Slugger marks on their backs. Plus they think it’s a game. Until they run out of house.

    Wallpaper a Room

    The house needs an update (besides the windows). You can redo EVERY room with some simple “wallpaper” jobs. The living room is now Santa And His Elves. The kitchen is now “Snowflakes.” The dining room is going to keep the faux wood because it rules!

    Roll Holiday Doobies

    Nice, big fat joints with all the pot you’re going to buy with your Christmas cash. Make it festive and get an extra high from all the chemicals in the paper. It’s beginning to look a lot like I DON’T HAVE ANY ARMS!?! I’m so high!

    1. da man says:

      What about toilet paper!

    2. That Dude says:

      Put in on my neighbors lawn who I can’t stand.

    3. The Eggman says:

      That other guy in the picture is just WAITING to take a toke.

    4. J Bob says:

      Wipe my ass with it.

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