They Paved Paradise And Scattered Around Shopping Carts

    December 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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    The wife was in the tenth store of the day and the baby and I were sitting in the car when I noticed a runaway shopping cart in the distance. It was making a dash for freedom. Going at top speed (for a shopping cart) and heading well past where any store employee would bother chasing it. “FLY! FLY SHOPPING CART!” I yelled. “FLY FREE!”

    It went about thirty more yards and crashed into a truck parked away from every other car so it wouldn’t get hit by swung open doors or bad park jobs. I checked on my son in the back seat and walked over to the cart return. I loosened a cart from a line of others and pushed it out towards the open. Dude, I was bored, she was taking forever in Joann Fabrics.

    Here is a gallery of free shopping carts.

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