50 Awesome Anti Tobacco Ads

    December 21, 2010 at 11:30 am

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    I haven’t really looked at the statistics of smoking over the last few years but I can only hope that with the rise in cigarette costs and the amount of information we have out there that people have cut down on this disgusting habit.

    I mean what the hell else do we have to do to get this stopped?  I hate it.  Absolutely loathe when people are smoking cigarettes.  I mean does it still look cool?  I really can’t figure out any reason at all that people are still doing this.

    Until everyone quits I hope that there will be more ads like this in existence….

    These are awesome

    1. J says:

      What a load of shit. Fuck off and let people make their own decisions.

    2. chuck says:

      I wanna know where I can get that sweet R.I.P. Zippo.

    3. Johnny Mo' says:

      Hey brock, from all smokers everywhere: fuck you!

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