Pam Anderson Does Cover Of Playboy For 13th Time and Poetry?

    December 16, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Pam Anderson will once again grace the cover of Playboy magazine. It’s her 13th time on the cover. Isn’t thirteen an unlucky number? It sure is, but only for readers, who have to survive a couple pages of Pam’s poetry just to get to some boobies.

    Pam Anderson shows off more than her famous assets when she graces Playboy for the 13th time. The actress-turned-activist displays another little-known skill: she’s a poet!

    Of course she is! Famous hot people with money are anything they want to be! Poet, singer, artist and every other talent is on display when people can’t so no to your face. In this case, to your naked vagina. “Pam, I’m not sure the readers of Playboy will want to…why are you disrobing? What was I saying? Oh right, we want your boobs poems.”

    In a poem she penned to accompany the eight-page nude pictorial in the mag’s January issue, Anderson, 43, muses about the new Sexual Revolution and the need to do good. “Our best isn’t good enough — right now our eyes are far-reaching,” Anderson, who first landed the cover of the mag in 1989. “Please let’s show the good in us … The brilliance … The wonderful … It’s abundant — it’s just not tapped as it should be.”

    Am I…a poet..when I use…just…a…few…ellipses? No..because…I won’t show…my most..published…poets.

    Pam Anderson poses for 13th Playboy cover – [Today]

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