Kelsey Grammer Has A Sex Tape. Camille Grammer Wants Us All To See It.

    December 15, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Dr. Frasier Crane has a sex tape. Lilith is not involved. Does that surprise anyone? Sorry, I loved that show. Kelsey Grammer does really have a sex tape though. How do we know? His ex-wife, crazy Camille, is threatening to release it if she doesn’t get what she wants in the divorce.

    Kelsey Grammer’s third ex-wife, Camille Donatacci, is apparently one of the meanest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members around, at least according to the internet. But even seasoned Bravo viewers may be shocked by her utter contempt for humanity today, as, in a brutal post-divorce revenge movie, she’s threatened to release their sex tape. She’s demanding $71 million in the divorce proceedings.

    (Wiping the computer screen after I just spit coffee) $71 million dollars? Great Nils ghost! Grammer has $71 million dollars?!? God bless syndication am I right Kelsey? Unless he’s got a tiny Sam Malone or is into some kinky stuff, would a sex tape release really bother the guy? It did once before..

    Meanwhile, Grammer could’ve spared us all this act of terrorism if he’d learned his lesson years ago; in 1998, he sued Internet Entertainment Group — the same company that released the notorious Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson video — to prevent the release of a previous sex tape

    Well, a sex tape in 1998 was much different than a sex tape in 2010. I’m not just talking about quality. It could end a career in the past but now it actually makes a career for some people. I’m saying, keep the $71 million Kelsey, and let her release the tape. Even though she is nuts, I wouldn’t mind seeing Camille shaking her naughty bits.

    Of course watching her getting it good from the star of Periscope Down might kill my arousal level. Periscope down indeed.

    Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife threatens to release their sex tape – [Nerve]

    1. frasier fan says:

      A Fraiser sex tape is the last thing I ever want to see but the guy was banging his wife so kudos. Basically she’s saying give me the money or I’ll show everyone what a whore I am? Too late! Why are these women (ex-wifes) been given so much money when basically they’re mostly all money grubbers. It’s not equality of the sexes, it’s insanity.

    2. testington says:

      Um isn’t that extortion? Like a punishable crime? You can’t threated to do something unless your ex gives you money.


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