Awesome Movie Star Role Transformation Photos

    December 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

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    Ben Stiller built some muscles for Tropic Thunder

    There are some actors out there who are simply in the profession to make a living.  And just like in any other job they do what they have to in order to keep their jobs but they don’t do much else.   It’s a sad truth but it’s reality.  Not all celebrities really try or even care about what they do.

    However, there are those actors that are methodical and work their asses off every single day at their craft.  It’s these actors we appreciate.  It’s these people we know actually earn some of their paychecks.

    One example of this kind of dedication is the body transformation.  Rarely do we see bad actors transform their bodies to large extents for a role.  Here are 20 that have done so quite well….

    Russell Crowe gained 63lbs for Body of Lies

    Jake Gyllenhaal gained 25lbs of muscle for Jarhead

    George Clooney gained 30lbs of fat for Syriana

    Christian Bale packed on quite a bit of muscle of Batman Begins

    Linda Hamilton toned up really well for Terminator 2

    Hilary Swank put on a lot of muscle of Million Dollar Baby

    Mr. Stallone put on about 40 lbs of fat for Copland

    Tom Hanks lost about 50lbs for his movie Cast Away

    Renee Zellweger gained a lot of weight for both Bridget Jones movies

    Demi Moore gained muscle for G.I.Jane doing one arm pushups

    Jessica Biel gained some really defined muscles for Blade Trinity

    Matt Damon lost 40lbs for Courage Under Fire

    Gerard Butler gained muscle for 300

    Ed Norton (yeah the skinny dude) gained muscles for America History X

    Charlize Theron became ugly and gained a lot of weight for Monster

    Eric Bana Ballooned up for his role in Chopper

    Ryan Renolds packed on some serious muscle for the Blade movies

    Christian Bale lost about 70lbs in 3 months for the Machinist

    1. movies says:

      Stallone also took a lot of steroids for his ‘transformations’ in the Rocky films – especially in the later ones.

    2. Jimmy Lim says:

      OMG~ Christian Bale so thin~

    3. Jimyy C says:

      The crazy is that Bale lost the 70 lbs for The Machinist just before gaining 100 lbs in 5 months for Batman Begins. Then he lost a ton to do a prisoner of war movie. I think the man must’ve taken 5 years off of his life in 8 months.

    4. Qdizzle says:

      Benicio Del Toro for Fear and Loathing. Compare that to the semi-documentary Drug Wars

    5. Redford says:

      Deniro in Raging Bull?

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