Seven Awesome Talkshow Fights

    December 15, 2010 at 6:00 am

    “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”  I’m sure you’re all familiar with that lovely saying.  It’s the chant of White America egging on a fight during one of your/our favorite talk shows.  But did you know that before Jerry Springer there were plenty of other talk shows that paved the way for all the lovely fighting you so desperately root for today?

    Oh yes.  It existed way before Mr. Springer.   It went on in other countries and it certainly existed here.  It just didn’t happen on the scale that it does now.  However, there were some doosies back in the day.

    Check out these talk show fights – classic.

    The Chair Throw

    This is what happens to men who make the drastic mistake of having a pony tail and mustache

    The One Punch Knockdown

    It ain’t just American talk shows that get into it.  This is awesome.

    Taiwan Talk Show Gets Real

    And to think that the whole thing started because somebody ate somebody’s dog.

    The Famous Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman Fight on Letterman

    Even though this whole thing was staged it was classic and the American public believed it for quite some time.

    Romanian Talk Show Host Hates his Guests

    If the hosts of The View adopted this philosophy the show could become watchable. Annoying fat women are tolerable if they’re fighting.

    The Jim Everett and Jim Rome Debacle

    This moment launched Jim Rome’s career and pretty much put the finishing touches on Jim Everett’s career

    The Geraldo Brawl – Breaks his Nose

    It’s the talk show fight that made talk show fighting fashionable

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      Wow, what a rookie. I’m a bestiality-only necrophiliac.


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