Christmas Came Early; Wayne From “The Wonder Years” Is On A Trading Card

    December 14, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Doing the Where They At? piece each week, I’ve been able to keep up with celebs that have fallen off the radar in recent years. I’m usually surprised to find out what they are doing now that they are getting TV or movie roles. This doesn’t surprise me; Jason Hervey, who played Wayne on The Wonder Years, works behind the scenes in pro-wrestling. I already knew that nugget of info.

    I wasn’t aware he was tradeable.

    No, it’s not Kevin Arnold — or even Winnie Cooper (darn it) — but you will find Fred Savage’s big brother, Jason Hervey (aka Wayne Arnold) all grown up and on card No. 31.

    Why? Hervey is a longtime television production collaborator with wrestling on-screen figurehead Eric Bischoff, a TV executive who injected himself into the story lines of 1990s World Championship Wrestling and helped fuel Hulk Hogan’s heel faction, the New World Order, into one of wrestling’s most memorable groups.

    Hervey actually did an angle a couple…know what…not going to nerd this up here. Long story short, Hervey has had face time on wrestling programs in the past.

    Today, though, they create TV shows through Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment.

    Hervey was also an important part of one of my favorite TV shows of the past ten years; Scott Baio is 45…and single. The life of a teen heartthrob who just can’t give up the vajayjay even after all these years. Ah, the life we all should live. But even Baio doesn’t have his own trading card. Sit on that Chachi!

    ‘Wonder Years’ Jason Hervey is on wrestling card – [ESPN]

    1. lb says:

      wonder years was the shit! good

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