A Gallery Of Interestingly Odd Buildings

    December 13, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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    There is nothing worse than living in a town where every building looks identical. Check that; living in a neighborhood is much worse. Every house looks identical and the next thing you know you’re having dinner with the nice Mexican family up the block because you walked into the wrong house but God damn those empanadas smell delicious! Just one and some Kool-Aid please.

    Buildings that look just a little different from the rest of the cityscape are much more interesting. Take this gallery of cool looking building as an example. Each one could be discussed for hours. How the hell did they build that? What goes on in there? Do people live in that thing? Do I smell empanadas? The discussion could go on for years.

    1. BeckyMinx says:

      It amazes me how people come up with such structure plans.

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