Fox Making More Changes to American Idol. Who Votes For Shooting Contestants On Stage?

    December 9, 2010 at 8:00 am

    American Idol has been losing ratings power for years. It’s got nothing to do with the singers not being as talented and the biggest ratings draws of the show (Simon and Ellen) are gone. Nope. That ain’t it. It’s obviously because there is no footage of the Idols making breakfast.

    “Transparency” is the production theme this year, an idea being championed by series mastermind Simon Fuller. It means producers are looking to add behind-the-scenes elements and find ways to have the singers interact with fans.

    These plans are still in development and could change, but as of now producers intend to have the Top 12 live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills. There, they will be allowed to chat with fans via Twitter.

    I might be losing my mind after all these years of crap viewing but didn’t all the Idols live together the first season? Am I imagining that? Am I just saying my fantasies out loud? Can one of you Idol Idiots verify this fact?

    Will the network air behind-the-scenes footage from the Top 12 hanging around and recording confessionals, like on other reality shows? The creative details on the “Idol” house are still being worked out, but the answer seems to be: It depends how compelling the footage is.

    Let me answer that; if there is any fighting, sex or both the answer is yes. If it’s as interesting as a monastery on movie night, then no.

    Producers may also give the “Idol” contestants a break from Hollywood scene with a road trip to Las Vegas. There they would do an integration with Cirque du Soleil’s acclaimed Beatles-inspired “Love” show.

    Now the Vegas stuff needs to be taped! 24-hour cameras on those kids as they run around Sin City, naked and drugged up because they never been out of their parents watch since the day they were born. I’d watch that show.

    Idol Gives Back will be raising money for bail this season.

    ‘American Idol’ heading to Las Vegas? – [MSNBC]

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