The Evolution of Emma Watson

    December 8, 2010 at 11:30 am

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    And who else is in love with Emma Watson?  And who else is psyched that they’re allowed to admit these feelings?  I remember when the first Harry Potter came out in 2001 and I thought there was a quality about her then.

    But even then when you think “that girl’s gonna be hot” you just never know what puberty will do.  Then when everyone realized she was around 15 and still looked cute and awesome?  By that point I think the whole world was sold.

    Now?  Now everyone’s just a big old pervert.  I can’t say I like the short hair but I sure as hell wouldn’t kick her out of the sack.

    This is amazing

    1. BIGPAPAJAKE says:

      I think the short hair looks awful. She doesnt have that good a face that she can pull it off. & she doesnt have enough distractions on her chest to draw away from the fact she looks like a dude with short hair.

      So, no I wouldnt kick her out of the sack either. I’d put a sack over her head though, or do her up the pooper, so I would have to look at her man-face.

    2. om says:

      Hi, ema waston may i friendship with u, can u friendship with me?

    3. tarun says:

      she is so beautiful

    4. max watson says:

      she is so sexy i want to fuck her.

    5. BeckyMinx says:

      Most people know to the minute the moment they decided it was ‘ok’ to fancy her.

    6. great gallery! Emma ‘s evolution is fantastic!

    7. Charles says:

      isn’t she too young to have sexual references. I don;t her age but I think 18 is the minimum.

    8. bob_nasty says:

      I would’ve enjoyed the gallery more. but, those video ads are really annoying! They should be on mute to start at least.


    9. Thorazine says:

      So basically Brock Landers is a pedophile ! Someone shoot him NOW!

    10. Zach says:

      looking at pictures of her as a twelve year old is super creepy. just fyi.


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