Dane Cook’s Embezzling Half-Brother Ordered To Pay Back $12 Million; In Other News DANE COOK IS WORTH OVER $12 MILLION DOLLARS?!?

    December 6, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Love or hate Dane Cook, he certainly has his legions of fans across the world and sells out concert halls doing stand-up. Also, love or hate him, no one deserves to get ripped off. Especially by a sort-of relative.

    Dane Cook’s half-brother has been ordered to pay $12 million in restitution after he was convicted of embezzling millions of dollars from the comedian. Darryl McCauley, who worked as the funnyman’s business manager for almost five years, was arrested in Massachusetts in December 2008, accused of stealing from Cook by forging a cheque to himself.

    Two lessons to learn; never trust family, half-family or people that resemble your parents and lesson number two Dane Cook has more money than we or he even imagined. $12 million dollars over five years? Holy turds how much did Good Luck Chuck make? It was a bomb right? Is Cook bartending on the side? Where the hell is all this money coming from?

    In October he (McCauley) was sentenced to between five and six years in prison for larceny, forgery and embezzlement. His wife, Erica McCauley, was also sentenced for up to three years behind bars.

    This whole experience is probably a year’s worth of material for a funny comedian. I wonder if Dane knows of any.

    Dane Cook’s Embezzling Half-Brother Ordered To Pay Back $12 Million – [Star Pulse]

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