AM Hot Links – Crazy Gary Busey, Dating Dealbreakers and Dogs Are Awesome

    December 3, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Need a good distraction from work? Check out EgoTV – Crazy Gary Busey, Dating Dealbreakers and Dogs Are Awesome. We share our favorite links here with you!


    Click the photo to read 25 pics of Gary Busey looking pretty much insane.

    Put Gary Busey in a TV show I’m sold. I watched Celeb Rehab just for Busey. I loved that he wasn’t there to clean-up, just to “support everyone.” I’m going to watch this season of Celebrity Apprentice because he is a contestant. Smart money says he is out the first week, but it will still be one hell of a week. I’d think Gary Busey should be on every show. Intervention, Ice Road Truckers, Glee and especially Survivor. “Tonight on a special Storage Wars, the guys bid on a storage container with…Gary Busey inside??”

    Gary Busey likes the EgoTV Facebook page.

    The Links

    12 Actresses Who’ve Played Strippers – [The Frisky]
    6 Video Game Heroes Made Useless By Supporting Characters – [Cracked]
    The 7 Biggest Dealbreakers For a Woman Dating a Guy – [Guyism]
    One-Night Stand Study Offers Reason I Can’t Settle Down – [BroBible]
    Dogs Are Awesome TOO – [Manofest]
    Today’s Girl: Kacey Barnfield – [Maxim]
    Awesome Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe This – [Regretful Morning]
    Olivia Wilde Flaunts Her Hot Body Just Two Weeks Ahead of Tron – [Egotastic]
    Kirsten Dunst Doesn’t Want to Hear About Jake and Taylor – [The Superficial]
    Elizabeth Hurley’s Breasts Have Still Got It – [Hollywood Tuna]
    How to Get Banned From Walmart for Life – [Uncoached]
    Turkish Wedding Dance – [Double Viking]
    Five Better Reasons We’re Having Better Sex Than Our Parents – [The Smoking Jacket]
    Michael Bay Directs The Victoria’s Secret 2010 Holiday Commercial – [Popoholic]
    In Case You Missed The San Diego Morning Show Hostess Blowing On This Turkey Call – [Busted Coverage]
    Veronika London Looking All Sorts Of Hot In Maxim UK – [DJ Mick]
    Syfy Channel’s ‘Ice Quake’ Looks Awesomely Awful – [Gunaxin]
    Freakish Stick Chick Wins ‘Top Model’ – [Warming Glow]
    Miley Cyrus Naked Cell Phone Pic Real? – [Celeb Jihad]
    5 Awesome Nike Commercial That Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams – [Caveman Circus]

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