AM Hot Links – Study Tips, Celebs On Rollercoasters and Depressing Disney

    December 1, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read 11 exam study tips for the completely screwed

    Do kids learn how to study in school? They really should because I know I never had a clue about how to actually sit down and study. I used to do this dumb thing where I’d basically rewrite all of my notes over again in an attempt to relearn everything by repetition. Good plan. Too bad my original notes sucked. Now I’ve got two sets of notes, both useless, but one set is in much neater writing.

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    The Links

    12 Celebs Riding Roller Coasters – [The Frisky]
    10 Most Depressing Disney Moments Of All-Time – [Guyism]
    VIDEO: Watch Derek Anderson’s Press Conference Explosion – [BroBible]
    Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Owe Their Career To Their Breasts – [Manofest]
    Hot Ladies on the Lam – [Maxim]
    25 People Riding Inappropriate Animals – [Holy Taco]
    Idiot Tries To Be Cool But Lands On His Face – [Regretful Morning]
    Shakira In Skintight Pants Is Holy Effin’ Midget Hot (VIDEO) – [Egotastic]
    Leighton Meester Dressed Like a Dude – [The Superficial]
    Mila Kunis Is Just Sexy – [Hollywood Tuna]
    20 Awesome Wooden Sculptures – [Uncoached]
    Hilarious Buried Alive Prank – [Double Viking]
    Stuff You Should Know: Ninjas – [The Smoking Jacket]
    Jessica Biel Is One Hot Grocery Shopper – [Popoholic]
    Drunk Florida State Tailgate Chick Going Hand Bra Before Falling Off Truck Tailgate – [Busted Coverage]
    Sexy Poptart Natalie Horler – [DJ Mick]
    Miss Virginia 2010 Samantha Casey – [Gunaxin]
    So Is Mariah Carey Pregnant Or What? – [Warming Glow]
    Demi Lovato Smuggles Video Camera Into Rehab – [Celeb Jihad]
    The Most Awesome Cake For A 9 Year Old Girl Ever – [Caveman Circus]

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