Would You Rather? With Comedian Rob Gleeson

    November 30, 2010 at 11:00 am

    This week, comedian Rob Gleeson joins EgoTV for his turn at “Would You Rather?” Rob just released a new album Getting Normal and is currently filming an indie comedy feature in Atlanta.

    EgoTV: Would You Rather…Be completely alone with no one around for an entire year OR never be alone for even a minute for one year?

    Rob Gleeson: I’m really scared of the dark, so I’d say never alone. Night light, please.

    EgoTV: Be hit by lighting OR bitten by a shark?

    Rob Gleeson: Definitely shark. I’m a stand up comic; I don’t need both arms. Who picks lightning???

    EgoTV: If you could wish either on any celeb, who would it be and which would you chose

    Rob Gleeson: Mike Tyson and a Shark. Not because I don’t like him but because I get the feeling Mike would bite back.

    EgoTV: Be ugly and poor and live until the age of 90 OR be beautiful and rich and live to the age of 45?

    Rob Gleeson: Beauty and wealth don’t necessarily make me happy but neither does being ugly and poor. Who wants to be 90? I’ll take the latter. (PS, my Grandmother is 93 and she’s still beautiful. Dear Grandma, please send more money.)

    EgoTV: Date a person who is constantly humming OR someone who repeats everything you just said.

    Rob Gleeson: I’m a comic, I love hearing my own words over and over. Repeater please.

    EgoTV: What’s the most annoying thing an ex has ever done?

    Rob Gleeson: Don’t you hate it when an ex moves on. It’s like hey, hello…I’m still in your bushes.

    EgoTV: Be transported back to an unknown time OR forward to an unknown time?

    Rob Gleeson: Forward please.

    EgoTV: Now you can pick a time and place to be transported to; where and why?

    Rob Gleeson: I don’t like traveling so I’d probably only go forward like 10 or 15 minutes. Hey look, I’m still wearing sweatpants!

    Getting Normal by Rob Gleeson is available everywhere. Check out Rob’s website RobGleeson.com.

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