5 Reasons There Shouldn’t Be A Ghostbusters 3

    November 29, 2010 at 5:00 am

    The amazing thing about Hollywood is that no idea or project ever really dies. Unlike other companies or corporations, if someone has an idea but it just doesn’t work, it gets shot down and usually never brought up again. Not in Hollywood. The people connected to a project come and go but an idea never goes away until it gets made. Even horrible ideas stick around. Horrible ideas that will eventually get made.

    Speaking to WGN Radio Chicago, Dan Aykroyd threw some fuel to the Ghostbusters 3 fires, confirming that not only is the new movie already casting, but there a lot of “strong possiblities” being considered. Along with the return of Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray, Aykroyd revealed that they’ve also been looking at Bill Hader (great!), Anna Faris (yay!) and Eliza Dushku (must we?).

    In this case, it’s an aging comic actor looking for one last shot at box office magic that won’t allow the project to die. Dan Aykroyd, a man who knows a thing or two about killing a classic (Blues Brothers 2000) won’t let this Ghostbusters thing go away. Even if they are as close as he claims to starting production on a number 3, it’s an awful idea.

    Here are 6 reasons why Ghostbusters 3 would be a bad idea:

    Bill Murray Isn’t Into It

    It’s hard to tell exactly how Murray really feels because he loves pulling jokes but he just doesn’t seem to want to put the jumpsuit back on. Can anyone blame him? The guy is a legit actor now that gets Oscar buzz in just about every role he plays. Why go back to a gimmicky 80’s movie idea?

    It’s Been Too Long

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Skull. Not great. Hell, even the actors involved admit it kind of sucked. There was just too much time in between movies. Fine, hardcore fans remember the first two Ghostbusters, but the casual fans would have to go back and rewatch just to refresh themselves on what exactly happened because the second movie came out HOLY CRAP 22 YEARS AGO! Man, I feel old.

    Rick Moranis Is Missing

    Seriously, what the hell happened to the guy? I’m sure he isn’t actually missing but Rick hasn’t done a movie since 1996 (not counting voice-over work). He was a huge part of the first two movies (if just for comic relief) and not bringing him back in a number 3 would be a huge mistake.

    Old Men Catching Ghosts? Not That Believable

    They will probably add new, younger Ghostbusters but the core group is all hovering in their 60’s. No one wants to see Aykroyd or Murray in a jumpsuit, running away from ghosts and the paranormal. It’s a sad sight. Like when those old stars come back to comic conventions dressed in full costume. Pitiful.

    It Will Tank

    Name a remake, reboot, rewhatever of an idea that has done well at the box office in the last few years. Batman is the exception, not the rule. How about Miami Vice, A-Team, Indiana Jones, blah blah you know them all and they all did horrible at the box office. It’s because there are just some things that should be left alone. Ghostbusters is one of them.

    1. Ivan says:

      “Old Men Catching Ghosts? Not That Believable”

      Umm… three movies where older guys kick ass.. Space Cowboys, Gran Torino, and Up. I’d watch Murray, Akroyd and Ramis returning to their roles any day.


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