The Cast Of Full House Is On Twitter….Except Those Damn Olsens

    November 26, 2010 at 5:00 am

    The other day someone brought it to my attention that former Full House cast member Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler, was on Twitter. I wasn’t surprised at the fact that a secondary star from an 80’s TV show had a web presence but I was shocked when I figured out that the Olsen Twins weren’t on Twitter. Those are the first two I figured would jump on the 140 character bandwagon considering their ages, popularity and lack of anything interesting to say.

    Here are the Twitter accounts of the other stars of Full House (along with people pretending to be the Olsen Twins).


    Better know as D.J. Tanner, Candace grew up to be pretty damn hot and pretty into Jesus and her husband, retired NHL player Valeri Bure, with whom she has three kids. Not quite as in your face about the whole bible-thumping as brother Kirk, Candace mixes her work life (she is currently on the Make It or Break It on ABC Family) with family tweets and occasionally cracks a Full House joke or two.


    Sweetin is a huge fan of puns, hence the Twitter handle and the name of her biography (Unsweetened) and also a little boring to follow but fun to look at. I’m waiting for a drug relapse and Heroin fueled Tweets accused Mr. Bear of touching her improperly in all those bed scenes they shot together. “He touched me and never called. How rude!”


    Andrea played D.J. Tanner’s best friend and general annoyance to the rest of the Tanner family Kimmy Gibbler. Spends most of her time and tweets talking about family and personal life as well as reminding people she isn’t really Kimmy Gibbler and doesn’t actually dress like the character almost twenty years later.


    Saget has a huge following on Twitter but probably because he acts more like the foul-mouthed, hysterical real life comedian Bob Saget than dork dad Danny Tanner. Some times he gets a little too “promotional” with just reminders about his TV/comedy projects but Saget is still worth a follow.


    Personally, I’m a huge fan of Stamos. Probably stems from his past Stern show appearances and the fact that he seems very much like his Uncle Jessie character. Have mercy. I’ll forgive him for the whole Glee run. A man has to eat.


    Dave Coulier has a verified Twitter account. Because someone would want to pretend to be Dave Coulier? Come on now cut. it. out. Coulier is still doing stand-up and still tossing out some funny liners via Twitter, like this gem “My friend, Bill is a proctologist. I suggested he punch a hole in his business card.”

    Since the Olsen’s are too cool for this whole social media scene, I decided to check out the best “fake” Mary-Kate and Ashley Twitter accounts. I immediately regretted that decision.


    Easily the most boring fake Twitter account ever, “Mary Kate” spends much of her Twitter time talking about her day, her clothing choices, and the fact she doesn’t Tweet very often. If you’re going to fake it and try and trick people, you’ve got to commit! When she does it’s usually philosophical questions like “Whose Ready For Halloween?” and “Jersey Shore fill me in, I missed it yesterday?”


    I change my mind. Worst fake account ever. Especially considering the last tweet was “Need to get married? You can order one of these mail order brides!” with a link to Lord knows what scam. Even sadder: 17K followers! In other words, seventeen thousand people think this account is legit. “Are you a moron? You got it dude.”

    Just waiting on you @loriloughlin.

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