Seven Movies To Turn On During Thanksgiving

    November 24, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Is everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving?  I for one cannot wait to fall asleep at like 6 o’clock while football is on.  However, each individual must do their own Thanksgiving and live it in their own ways.   Some people love to pass out and others enjoy to be all family like and sit around the table and talk.

    If not sitting around the table and crowding around the television.  When you get down to it there aren’t that many Thanksgiving themed movies out there but luckily we’ve assembled a solid list of seven for you to peruse….


    An English soldier and the daughter of a Native American chief end up making beautiful music together in 16th century Virginia.  That’s about the best description I can give without getting the willies.  I’m a guy for Christ’s sake.

    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    Peppermint Patty has never been shy, but who would have guessed she’d be so bold as to invite herself over to Charlie Brown’s for Thanksgiving dinner? When she arrives she has a lot of expectations and demands…which send Snoopy and the gang into a scramble.  How do you NOT watch something Charlie Brown during Thanksgiving?

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    Neal Page (played by Steve Martin) is heading back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. Unfortunately he has bad luck on one side, and Del Griffith on the other.  This shower curtain ring salesman’s endless talking doesn’t help as they face a series of unfortunate events.  Don’t they say that it’s all about the journey and not the destination? This movie will have you laughing and appreciating your family this Thanksgiving.


    Dutch tells the story of an ordinary good guy who is dating the ex-wife of a wealthy man. When the son of the woman won’t go home from his prep school at Thanksgiving, Dutch offers to pick him up and take him home to Chicago. Of course, the trip home all goes wrong.

    Home for the Holidays

    Another Chicago movie, this one features a single mom who loses her job and has a family crisis the day before Thanksgiving. While trying to deal with these issues, she joins her family for a difficult Thanksgiving.

    Pieces of April

    Pieces of April features a young girl who is separated from her family. She offers to host Thanksgiving dinner for her family at her rundown apartment but just cannot seem to pull it all together. It’s a gritty drama, which is funny and moving, too.  If your family could use some pointers on getting along during holidays, pop this movie into the DVD player after your turkey dinner is through.

    What’s Cooking

    I mean I guess if you’re a chick you’d like this. What’s Cooking is a fun drama following the Thanksgiving preparations and lives of four American families of different ethnic backgrounds…each prepares a Thanksgiving feast incorporating some of their own traditions into the celebrations.



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