Ke$ha; Give Thanks She’ll Be Gone Soon.

    November 24, 2010 at 8:00 am

    A person, or several people, must have a huge wad of money invested in this Ke$ha broad. It’s the only reason I can come up with that she is still famous or on the cover of magazines. Either that, or, she is related to someone else famous and this is all nepotism. Whatever, on this Thanksgiving holiday, I’d like to give thanks that eventually she will disappear and people will no longer be subjected to her “I’m nutty, watch what I do now” antics.

    From a recent interview in Complex Magazine….

    What turns you on that people would find bizarre?
    Ke$ha: Um, quarters.
    Ke$ha: Yeah, like a bag full of quarters.
    So a guy holding a bag full of quarters could potentially turn you on?
    Ke$ha: Like a big bearded guy with a bag of quarters. I think it’s some weird pirate fantasy that was unfulfilled in a past lifetime.

    Just stop. We get it. You’re trying to be nutty and get people talking (sadly it worked; I’m sitting here blogging about this crap) but you’re canned answers are horrendous. I’m sure a team of people sat down with you before this interview and said “say something crazzzzyyyyyy in the interview so the media picks up on it” and you nodded while finishing the last bite of your glue stick.

    Is there a specific type of beard that you’re into?
    Ke$ha: I like the rugged, mountain-man beard, personally. I won’t discriminate, but my favorite kind of beard is one that could potentially be a homeless beard. Like, you actually have to discover if they’re un-groomed for a reason. I like a really unkempt beard.

    That will make dating easier when you are eventually homeless. Counting the minutes. Tik Tok.

    Ke$ha Wants to Have Sex With Coins Now – [The Superficial]

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