The Jeremy Piven Hairline Theory

    November 22, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven

    Someone knew what they were doing

    Anyone who knows who Jeremy Piven is might know that his hair looks just a bit different now than it did some years ago. How so? He has more now. In fact it’s my contention he practically looks younger now than in the movie Lucas which was filmed in 1986. Lucas, amazingly enough, was his first film and Piven was 21 when that movie was released. (and almost bald).

    Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven

    That’s Piven in Lucas

    Check out my theory after the jump

    By the way, for the record I have zero problem with Piven doing whatever he has done to the hair. Whether it’s a weave, transplant, rug, I don’t care. He’s gone from semi nice guy dorky role guy, to A-List Hollywood stud with his portrayal as ruthless agent Ari on Entourage.

    What I want to know is where it all started. And I’ll tell you where. The movie Very Bad Things

    Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven

    Very Bad Things and Something in the last year. This might be an Entourage Pic

    I’m 100% convinced that it was the movie Very Bad Things that someone in Hollywood said, “you know something? this guy could be a star. he needs just a bit more hair though.”

    My theory is that someone saw that sex scene with porn star Kobe Tai, realized Piven was actually a good looking dude who was reasonably jacked, and realized more movies would come his way with a little tweak.

    P.S. he has less body hair now but that’s besides the point.

    And how do I know Very Bad Things was the turning point? Research. Check out all his movies post Very Bad Things. Just to name some big ones? Serendipity, The Family Man, Old School, Smoking Aces. I defy you to find a movie where he is more bald in something post Very Bad Things than before. It’s impossible.

    Here are some pics to prove it.

    Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven

    Family Man, Old School, and Serendipity

    In fact does anyone even remember Jeremy Piven before Very Bad Things? Unless you were a huge fan of PCU (which I am) you probably didn’t. And in PCU we’ve pointed out he did NOT have this extra hair patch. And if you saw him in Seinfeld as George, same thing, less hair. Hell you could even mention his bit part in Singles. Still bald. Very Bad Things: The turning point in Jeremy Piven’s hairline evolution.

    Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven

    Done and Done.

    Does this article matter at all in the grand scheme of our existence? No. Does it make me feel a whole lot better now? Sure, why not.



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