Katy Perry’s $%#%@ Photoshopped Smaller. That’s Just Messing With Nature Right There.

    November 19, 2010 at 8:00 am

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Unless you’re Mrs. Russell Brand then it’s more like “Flaunt it, realize those things are immense, and get them photoshopped to look smaller.”

    Her womanly curves helped her bag a famous husband and won her legions of male fans. But it seems that there is one group of who aren’t so keen on Katy Perry’s much admired cleavage. Her representatives asked for her 34D breasts to be photoshopped smaller in a new promotional poster, in which she poses as a vintage pin up.

    Grabbing a pen and signing up for the job that allows me to discuss the Katy Perry’s cans all day. I want in on that group. “Hey we’ve been ogling her boobs all morning. Let’s break for lunch, come back, and start the round table discussion about her delicious can. I’m all for Chinese. Anyone else?”

    Katy throws her arms back and strikes a pose in the advertisement for VH1’s Divas Salute The Troops.’Her team thinks her boobs look too big, one source told Us Magazine, with another confirming ‘It’s true. The ads are being redone!’

    I’ll take the “it’s true” guy’s job. I can do that. Try me. “Yes. Her boobs, while fantastic, are big. It’s true.” Too much? It’s my first day. Let me try again. “It’s true.” How was that?

    But perhaps the VH1 request is a sign Katy is turning over a new leaf – after all she is now a married lady.

    Shut your hole! Sorry, sorry. That’s not my job. That gig is taken. “It’s true.” Oh, my Lo Mein is here? Excellent.

    Katy Perry has her cleavage photoshopped… to make it look SMALLER – [Mail Online]

    1. Sarchi says:

      She is so pretty and really hot.


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