Hey! It’s Me. Tom From MySpace. Just Seeing “Wuuzzzz Up?”

    November 19, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Hey! How you doing? Good. Good. I’m doing good. Can’t complain. Yeah, yeah, it has been a long time. What, like three years? Doesn’t feel like that long does it? Crazy how time flies. Seems like just yesterday you were making awesome backgrounds and switching your mood smileys like every 20 minutes. What are you listening to? Something awesome as always.

    Do you still talk to all your top friends? I still see people here and there. Usually like every time I leave the house. I’m awful with names though. Someone will come up to me all like “Hey Tom! How’s it going dude?” and I’m all “Hey…you…what up kid?” and the whole time I’m trying to put a name to the face except they never really posted their face just funny pictures of cats falling off piano benches. Then they go and make me feel bad with the whole “dude, I can’t believe you don’t remember me. I left you as my top friend for almost a year.” Guilt trip me why don’t you kid. Jesus. I was friends with like 20 million people. Step down.

    But yeah, things are good though. Got outta MySpace at just the right time. Guy friended me and asked where he could find all the profiles for boys under 10 and I was all “Done. Cashing checks. Out.” I made out good though. Bought a couple hundred packs of fresh white t-shirts and finally got someone to erase that damn whiteboard that always followed me around.

    Alright, well look dude, I’ve gotta jet but it was good catching up. We should hang soon. I miss your half-assed attempts at blogging and witty status updates about what you did were thinking about for lunch. Are you on Facebook? Figures. Thanks dude, might as well kick me in the nuts too….kidding. Kidding. You should have seen your face. I’m on Facebook too. Got an account the first couple months. Well, hit me up on their and maybe I can make your top friends list again. Talk soon.

    Oh, and do you still talk to the girl you hooked up with on MySpace. You found her through my page. Oh you married her? Nice. Good girl. Shame it didn’t work out between us but glad she found a good dude and her problems cleared up. I mean, glad her and I cleared things up. I mean Herpes.

    Alright. Later.

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