AM Hot Links – Stars On Simpsons, Celebrity Virgins and Man Boobs

    November 19, 2010 at 4:00 am

    Click the photo to read the 50 greatest celebrity Simpsons characters.

    Truth be told, I haven’t watched a new episode of The Simpsons in about four years. I’m sure it’s still hysterical and all I just don’t have much time on a Sunday night. If I do, football usually wins the battle for the television. Perhaps The Simpsons should somehow get melded into the NFL on Fox? Maybe replace the pre-game show with the Simpsons family? How about Barney and Moe announcing the game? Krusty does half time? This all sounds hysterical but I have been dropping acid since breakfast. What was I saying? Oh right. Hams.

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    The Links

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    Katie Price’s Breasts Are Fun To Look At – [Hollywood Tuna]
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    This Eagle Means Business – [Double Viking]
    San Francisco to Outlaw the D*ck Snip? – [The Smoking Jacket]
    10 Things Chasing the Jersey & Sleeping with Professional Athletes Has Taught Me as a Woman – [BroBible]
    Halle Berry Gets Busty For Frankie And Alice – [Popoholic]
    Lingerie Football League Pre-Game Stretches Are Decent – [Busted Coverage]
    Hand Bra Happiness With Sexy Blue Eyed Blonde Allie Reyes – [DJ Mick]
    Ten Ways Beer League Hockey Is Harder Than the NHL – [Gunaxin]
    Sofia Vergara On ‘Modern Family’: A Collection Of Bouncy GIFS – [Warming Glow]
    Taylor Momsen Childhood Trauma Video – [Celeb Jihad]
    Is Your Heart Strong Enough To Handle This Massive Meat Log? – [Caveman Circus]

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