Would You Rather? With Comedian Hasan Minhaj

    November 16, 2010 at 11:00 am

    This week, Hasan Minhaj joins EgoTV for his turn at “Would You Rather?” Hasan is a comedian, actor, and writer based in Los Angeles, CA and was recently part of a viral promotional prank as Jeff the inventor of the “Stun-Fone.“

    EgoTV: Ready for this?

    Hasan Minhaj: Let’s do it.

    EgoTV: Have your spouse catch you cheating OR have him/her catch you transferring all the money out of a shared account?

    HM: Transferring all the money out of a shared account. Explaining to your wife that you’re a Columbian drug lord and you’re just transferring the money to a Swiss bank account is much easier than her finding you in bed with another man. Or woman.

    EgoTV: Snort cayenne pepper OR get Tabasco sauce in your eye?

    HM: I believe this is one of those questions like ‘What’s worse? The Holocaust or AIDS in Africa’. In this case I would say both are equally bad to not seem insensitive or racist. So give me the cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauce at the same time!

    If I had to choose just one give me the cayenne pepper–You know what they say about tabasco sauce; they’re lazy and they’re stealing everyone’s jobs.

    EgoTV: Have everything you eat taste sweet OR salty?

    HM: Well, Sour Patch Kids have made it so that you can have the best of both worlds in every bite. But if I had to choose one, sweet because it doesn’t dehydrate you. Duh.

    EgoTV: Have a wardrobe of only spandex and vinyl OR be required to wear orthopedic corrective shoes your entire adult life?

    HM: Spandex and vinyl. No question. If you have the opportunity to look and dress like Prince for the rest of your life do it.

    Hasan Minaj’s new album, Leaning on Expensive Cars And Getting Paid To Do It, is available on iTunes.

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